Monday, October 15, 2012

We Need a Few More Sundays

Well, the weather here reflects the mood of us Niners fans...
That's about all I have to say about that.
I told hubs this morning, at least when they were awful a few years ago,
it didn't make him so upset if they lost.
He said he hid it better, and now he expects more.
Yesterday was such a perfect Fall morning!
We took a little drive, grabbed our traditional bagel breakfast sandwiches,
which we realized we hadn't enjoyed since late August???!!
I had a craving for cream top whole milk in a glass jar...
So we stopped out at Pittsford Dairy
google images
We may have picked up a blueberry pie too.
We then headed over to Buy Buy Baby to meet our friend Chris with his van,
so we could bring home our glider for baby girl's room!!
It is seriously the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.
My dad and step-mom gave it to us early as our shower gift!!
Yes, that is the little pillow I sewed all by myself!
Next up is the window being replaced...
as classy as this trash bag is:
I think a tree branch broke it over 5 years ago,
so it was time to get it repaired. 
The new one should be in tonight!
We still need to hang pictures, put together the closet organizer, 
and the swing my mom bought Brooke!
We need more Sundays together, husband and I.
So many fun things going on, I love it.
**Baby girl is measuring at 30 weeks and I'm only 28 weeks pregnant.
It just hit me last night, she may very well be here before Christmas.
I don't even have a stocking yet
Holy Goodness, I'm having a baby soon!!!
It is so crazy how fast time is flying.
Ok sorry, just needed to get that out.**
As for today?
Target run,
Jo-Ann Fabrics
& going over to my mother-in-law's to work on the bedding.
We are getting close people!!
Hope you have an awesome day.


  1. LOVE that glider, and I'm excited to see the nursery once you get it all ready!!! :)

    PS- totally not discussing NFL football today either. My team lost to the worst team in the league. BLAH

  2. It is getting close! The glider looks super comfy.

    And I totally agree, we do need more Sundays. We were on such a roll getting things down around our house yesterday, both inside and out, that it would be nice to have another day to work at it!

  3. She's growing fast! When's your due date? A Christmas baby sounds like a sweet present. :)

  4. Aww LOVE the chair:) I know how you feel about football.. we won but only from pure luck and we lost one of our star players:( I love football sundays though!! The nursery is coming together.. so cute

  5. Beautiful house, and beautiful gilder! I can see myself sitting there, reading a great book!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Oh my gosh and I are in the same boat....I am 29 weeks but he is measuring at almost 31....he might be here before Christmas and I definitely DO NOT have a stocking for him yet!!!! I just can't believe how fast everything is happening!! Thank goodness we finished his nursery this weekend, so that is one last thing we have to worry about :)

    Everything will be perfect! If you find some adorable stockings, let me know where! I guess I need to shop for one now, too!

  7. Love that glider! And comfortable is key, I basically lived (and slept!) in mine the first few weeks :) It goes by so fast!

  8. I could not agree with this post title more! Oh, how I would LOVE to have more Sundays!:) That nursery chair is darling, and I can only imagine how comfortable it must be. I cannot believe Baby Brooke is going to be here SO SOON!


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