Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Hello October! 
I must say we said farewell September in a fun way.
Saturday I had my girl K over for coffee, bagels & girl time!
Since school started up for her, we have been a bit busy
and it was nice to catch up.
She also painted my nails
because mine look like a 5 year old does them when I paint
Then I got ready for our dinner date...
I was in a country mood and I just love that song "Cruise"
it reminds me of my hunny!!
I decided to try and look casual yet fun.
Insert that my white tee...
Bangle: Premier Jewelry
Watch: MK
Wrap Bracelet: Stella & Dot
White T-Target Liz Lange Maternity
Faux Fur: Arden B
Jeggings: Love by Heidi Klum @ Motherhood
Booties: Target
I curled my hair with my Chi Straightener!
We had reservations for a newer Italian joint downtown
It was good!
Hubs didn't know my parents would be there
and he didn't know we'd sort of be celebrating his birthday.
Since his tent sale for work always falls in October around his birthday,
they never get to celebrate it with him.
So we made it happen a few days early!!
Caprese Salad--most amazing purple tomatoes
My healthy beet salad
My husband doesn't love attention, so it's fun to embarrass him a bit.
My bump made it a tad uncomfortable to sit for too long...
but it was so so fun!!
Step-mom & Dad
My dad always calls him that...
I think he loves having another 'son'!!
Of course I ordered the pizza...
I gave it a 8.5 out of 10.
10 being pizza in Rome.
Sauce was great, good basil, dough was yummy--
just a tad too charred on the outside for my liking.
I usually eat all of the crust, but I left the burnt pieces...
Joe ordered the Bolognese.
I just think for an Italian place,
your serving size should be MUCH bigger.
Just saying.
Joe loves to sing "Happy Birthday" at the top of his lungs,
so my dad made sure he picked up the slack for him...
sorry to the other eaters!
Candle in a canoli!
He received many tools and was so excited about a flashlight.
That's my man!!
Thanks to my family for making it an extra special night for my husband.
Sunday he spent his only day off helping our friend Chris out,
then Chris returned the favor and helped him stack firewood.
I spent the day baking and cooking up a storm!
Sausage Potato Soup: Recipe here {served w/ garlic knots}
Homemade Applesauce: Recipe here
And those Pinterest Pumpkin Muffins: Recipe Here {yes, 2 ingredients!!}
I added the chocolate chips because, well, I am obsessed with sweets.
The powdered sugar was a nice touch.
Joe LOVED them.

We watched the niners kill the Jets
:::my lucky shirt did the trick:::
And I made Joe's favorite 
Bacon Pasta: Recipe here
for dinner.
He was asleep on the couch before 8.
Today's opening day of hunting and he has to work,
but tomorrow we will get up at 4 to head out to my dad's land so he can get his hunt on.
I'm going so I can hang out and chat with my step-mom Tricia.
Maybe we'll get some Fall baking done.
Tonight I'll go over to my in-laws and work on baby girl's bedding.
Fun stuff I tell ya!!
What'd you do this weekend?


  1. I love that nail polish color!! I hate painting my own nails lol. Your hair looks soooo pretty!!! I miss my long curls and you did a great job curling it with a straightener! Your food always looks so yummy :) I'm glad you had a nice weekend and your hubby had a good birthday dinner!

  2. My flat iron curls NEVER come out that gorg!! Love it!!

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)

  3. All these food pictures are amazing. I'm officially salivating. :)

    You have fantastic hair! ....Okay I'm done being creep-tastic.

  4. All these food pictures are amazing! I'm officially salivating.

    You have fantastic hair. :)
    ...Okay, I'm done being creep-tastic

    Hope you had fun early this morning!

  5. What a great weekend, you look stunning!!! I love your hair and all that food - yum!

  6. Oh sweet baby bumper! you looked so cute!

    It's good you had some girl time with your friend! I sometimes wish there were more hours in a weekend so that I could get around to those old friends

  7. What a fun weekend! Birthday's are the best!

  8. You are gorgeous and please do a video of the chi hair curl!! I have never been to Rome(lucky bish) but I have tried many times to recreate the pizza we had in Naples and I just can't. Those Italians are magicians!! I am surprised that Joe hunts! And you baking up a storm in the kitchen! Yall are more southern than we are! I love your step mom on IG, she is so sweet and beautiful! I love that your dad has a nickname for Joe:)

  9. look gorgeous. i love your outfit and your nailpolish color!
    and the food! yummy!

  10. How fun that you were able to surprise the hubby for his birthday! Love your outfit as usual. Your hair looks so pretty curled!

  11. I just made pumpkin muffins last week too, and I added chocolate chips as well. But, I also added pumpkin spice (the actual spice from the little spice jar) while they were in the oven. They were AMAZING.

    And that dish of bolognese? Definitely should be bigger. It's so tiny!

    Girl, get it with those heels! I stopped wearing heels at 5 months. My feet were not happy with me after that point. ;)

  12. Pretty nails! That looks like such a nice low-key celebration. I'm adding pumpkin muffins to my list of things to bake this season!

  13. Love the nails and the outfit! And the food pics! :) Looks like an amazing weekend!


  14. Oh, wow! What an awesome weekend! Joe's birthday celebration sounds perfect, and all of the food in this post is making me hungry!! I really want to try out that sausage potato soup recipe. I love sausage, and I certainly love potato soup! :)


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