Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinspiration for Photo Bump Sesh

Happy Halloween!
I want to say first how very fortunate we are that 
Sandy did not cause any damage to our house.
Our area got hit with some rough winds,
some power outtages and trees down.
We only have branches down, thank goodness!
I am so thankful nothing happened.
I was worried another tree limb would take out 
our freshly replaced window in the nursery.
this whole pregnancy thing is FLYING by!!
This Sunday is my baby shower
{and yayyyy I found an adorable dress!!}
2 weeks from today we'll be having our maternity photo-shoot.
I am hoping it will be a little snowy,
but either way I'm excited.
We decided that we're going to shoot at my dad's land.
It was my grandparents' and there are 100 acres.
I seriously loved going there as a little girl.
I would run around the fields,
pretending I was galloping on my own horse...
I'd walk the trails singing silly songs,
picking leaves with grams,
and we'd iron on wax paper.
I'd look for "Puff Balls" with my grandpa.
The woods are magical to me,
and I hope that Brooke experiences that with her grandparents there too!
So hopefully we'll get plenty of goregous shots,
out in nature.
Since it could be in the 70's or in the 20's...
I need lots of ideas!
Here is some pinspiration for that day!
Classic B&W

Lovin the bump.

With her letter "B" of course

Obviously if we are shooting outside, it may be a tad chilly for some of these,
but I think I'd like a few bare bump shots...

Love the shadow idea!

I wonder how playful hubs will get hehe
{The bottom right can definitely happen in these woods!}

Weather permitting...
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Look at these gorgeous snow shots...

Totally gonna rock some Uggs if I can!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Holiday Red

I adore the side ribbon-tie,
as well as the back to back headless shot.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

How cute for Christmas?!

Scarves & smiles

Again that perfect side bow...

So clearly I need to make a list of props
and outfits that I'd like to wear.
We are meeting at 3,
so it should give us plenty of time before the sun goes down,
maybe we'll even catch a gorgeous sunset!
Our photographer did our engagment photos
and our wedding photos.
 It was a perfectly sunny day in May,
and we got some great beach shots!
And one of our "little family"

That was before our little Holly! 
A bump sesh will be so fun though.
 Any other tips or ideas?


  1. LOVE maternity shots!! I can't wait to see yours!!! :)

  2. I love these ideas. The ones with the ribbons are my fav! They really accent the bump! Can't wait to see them!

  3. Aww I love the photo with the little booties! Adorbs. I cannot wait to see your photos, I'm sure you'll look super stylish as always.

    Glad to hear you fared well during the storm as well!

  4. I created a board not long ago of different photography shots but now it has turned into my maternity photo inspiration board:

    Check it out but remember that not all of them are maternity but there are some good outside maternity shots on there :)

  5. i love them all!!!!

  6. OH MY GOSH! a snowy shoot would be GORGEOUS. I'm hoping we can do a snowy shoot for our Christmas Card photos. Since we already did a beach shoot for our engagement pix I'm planning a Summer Country session for the baby bump pictures. I totally want cowboy boots and a cute dress. I'm so excited to see how awesome your pictures turn out! BTW, I'm so happy to hear that no damage was caused by sandy. We lost power for about 24 hours but that was it, for that I'm thankful. So many people in our area are experiencing much worse:(

  7. those preggo shots are awesome. so creative with cool ideas. can't wait to see yours!

  8. These are amazing inspiration ideas - I cannot wait to see the finished product once the shots are taken! You clearly have a talented photographer :)
    I'm also so happy to hear that you made out well during Sandy. Bergen County, NJ got hit hard, but after seeing pictures of the shore, I can't complain one single bit.

  9. These are absolutely GORGEOUS. I think my most favorite ones are definitely the photos taken in the snow. I am keeping my fingers crossed you have some to work with! :)

  10. Love all of these!! Can't wait to see yours tho! :)


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