Saturday, December 8, 2012

36 Week Bumpdate

How far along:
36 weeks and 1 day
Home stretch!!
I felt good this day!!

 I started feeling a bit sore this day...
since I was feeling better, I was over-walking etc.
PS love this new dry shampoo I tried--LOTS of volume!
Baby is the size of:
 Let me just say, I cannot believe how heavy she feels!!
It literally hurts to wake up and have to move (with a full bladder)
I am officially running out of room I believe.
A little frustrated with my pelvic pain.
But no crazy hormonal outrages...
I feel so relieved we got our whole to-do list done yesterday!
I'm excited to decorate the tree and
 just thinking about holding her by it excites me!
Still sleeping, just waking up about 4 times to pee.
I alternate left side/right side throughout the night.
The most painful thing in the world is to switch sides...
I will not miss this pain!
I get really tired around 4pm...I try to nap or at least rest.
Belly Button:
Still creeping its way out, but not an outtie.
Stretch Marks:
Nope *fingers crossed*
I use Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter in the am
and their lemon oil at night.
It's pricy, but worth it!
I am just so thirsty all the time!
I want iced.cold.water.
Pretty standard...
-french toast
-maple syrup
-almond butter
I can deal with popping the Tums for my heartburn, but...
Just this pain I keep complaining about.
I ask my doctors and they say it's normal...
but in my own research, I am diagnosing myself with this!
 Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
Not everyone experiences it,
but us lucky enough to go through it..there's not much relief.
I notice it gets really bad when I'm most active.
I've stopped my yoga and as you know it hurts to walk around.
 The only ways to help this issue is to not:
-use stairs
-separate your legs
basically every day functions.
Try to get out of bed without separating your legs.
I live in a house with a basement, downstairs, and upstairs.
Laundry, dishwashers(well, ours is broken and now I'm hand washing)
 and picking up after myself,
a husband and two messy dogs requires a lot of bending.
It's hard because I've had really bad days where I just lay on the couch or in bed...
then I'll feel almost normal again, go out and about running errands,
then I'm back to being in a lot of pain.
I just really really hope it all goes away once I give birth.
I've read a lot that it can linger...
I'm so scared of that.
I never thought I'd miss walking!
So, I'm trying my best to stay positive
 but I think this is a real issue that not a lot of people understand.
Luckily my friends, family, and mainly my husband are very supportive and
he picks up any of the items I have dropped throughout the day and have neglected to pick up.
**This will all be worth it when I hold her in my arms.**
Best Moment of the Week:
We finished the nursery...I swear I'll post a video/pics this week!
We got our tree...
I've been into taking more videos lately, so here's a small clip.
We usually get 10-11 foot trees,
 {yes, I am spoiled}
So trying to find a smaller one was a little difficult.
Don't mind my JSimps moment
What I'm looking forward to:
Decorating said tree.
Finishing a few baby projects.
I'm hoping to get to my mother-in-laws Monday night!
Videoing my nursery, what's in my bag & diaper bag.
Labor Signs:
None yet; keep on cookin baby B!!
Overall thoughts/questions:
I am wondering, mamas out there...
Did you have any success with belly bands after pregnancy?
Like the wraps that hold all your flub in post baby??
I noticed these...
and I'm just wondering, are they worth the price?
Belly Bandit
I know diet and exercise, along with breastfeeding will help...
but I just wonder if it will help alleviate any of my issues.
Or is there a less expensive alternative?
Just curious...
I'm getting ready to meet you lil B!!
I want you in there as long as possible,
but I can tell I'm starting to become impatient...
I hope you're not fashionably late.


  1. Sorry you're having so much pain. You're almost there! Glad you found your Christmas tree too. I'm really getting into the holiday mood. :)

  2. You are so cute!! I loved your video :)

    I hope your pain fades, hang in there. You look FABULOUS! Prettiest pregnant woman ever!

  3. Yay for the Christmas tree, you look gorgeous as always. Congrats on know strech marks. I'm sure you'll bounce right back after baby! :)

  4. I want to hear about that gadget for your belly when you know more!!

  5. I was just going to pipe in and say I wore Spanks after my c section... well after about a week of recovery. The plastic surgeons reccomend them and it really helped with muscle memory.

  6. Great post, you are adorable!
    I feel your pain with the heartburn, I would get it really bad towards the end with all three of my boys, so bad that it would make me throw up! It was probably some acid reflux too, unfortunately I never found anything that helped :( I hope yours passes!
    I've never seen one of those underwear contraption things? Like you, exercise does wonders! And of course breast feeding...and time. I'm sure you will bounce right back!

  7. You are so adorable in your video!! And you look SO great still!!!! :)

  8. My SIL told me she wore one after her first and not with her second. She regretted not wearing it with her second bc it made such a difference. Hope you feel better soon! Look amazing!


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