Saturday, December 29, 2012

39 Week Bumpdate

I'm still here, and stilllllllllllll prego!
How Far Along:
39 weeks and 1 day
Baby is the size of:
And boy does she feel like it!!
39 weeks--headed out for our weekly checkup!
Even though everyone says I look like I've dropped,
the Dr said I really haven't dropped much at all.....
Labor Signs:
Tons of Braxton Hicks, but no rhyme or rhythm to any of the contractions.
At my appointment the doctor said I was 50% effaced and dilated 1 cm.
TMI---she said my mucus plug was in the way, so she had to push through,
that brought on some major discomfort, cramping, and spotting.
So...any day you're ready lil lady, mama's waiting!!!
Clearly she doesn't want to come out and play yet.
Bags are all packed, we are ready to go.
Heartburn has subsided a bit; 
I still pop Tums here and there but not nearly as much.
Plus, I've been kickin it up a knotch with spicy foods 
Spicy turkey chili, Chipotle, hot sauce...
{not that it's helping bring on labor!?}
Still a little swelling in my legs/feet/hands
Still feels like someone kicked me hard in my hoo ha and it hurts.
I've been nesting like crazy,
but I can only do so much because of said horrid pain.
Then I nap, since I can't bear to look around at my messy house.
I'm pretty emotional.
I get teary eyed at everything.
Happy for the most part, but I still get frustrated at my lack of mobility.
I dislike being in pain, who does?
Anxious, excited, impatient...
And I am more than ready to meet my little girl.  
I am very tired, very easily lately.
I nap every day, even days when Joe is home...
I have trouble falling asleep, but I do sleep.
I'm up every 3 hours to use the bathroom. 
Miss Anything:
I will be so thankful when I can strap on a pair of sneakers,
normal non maternity workout clothes, and take my dogs on a run.
Never thought I'd miss it so much.
I had to have Wendy's fries with a side of cheese again.
Christmas cookies were fun while they lasted, 
but then they had to go.
I'm pretty much over food though...
I seriously think about what food group I have to eat,
and go with that. 
I stare in the fridge for awhile at a time.
Still off and I still miss them.
I hate them.
I live in lounge clothes and put a pair of jeans on if I need to leave the house,
which I try not to do much any more.
I love pj pants, a maternity tank 
and my new Ralph Lauren robe from my friend Kristin!
Belly Button:
Still really oddly poking out/mostly in.
"not done"
Stretch Marks:
Still none.
I hear they appear after the baby
Not really gaining too much any more at this point,
Thank goodness.
I bet all said and done, I will have gained 65 pounds.
Best moment of the week:
Celebrating Christmas with my husband,
my family,
his family,
and it being very, very low key.
It was quiet and nice and perfect.
Looking Forward to:
Meeting my baby Brooke!
Will she be a New Year baby?
Will she come on her due date?
Will she arrive fashionably late?
It's so crazy to not know.
Overall thoughts/concerns:
I will admit it's been a rough few weeks;
Joe got sick with his Crohn's,
then he came down with a really really nasty cold.
So, I've been trying to take care of him and the dogs, the house,
and myself, whereas he had been helping out a bit more...
he could not.
So, my type-A personality does not help,
but I try my best to just do what I can physically do, 
rest when I can, and just breathe.
I know it will all be over soon and I'll be experiencing life with a newborn!
I also wonder, will my water break on its own?
When will I get real contractions?
I really don't want to be induced.
I drive myself nuts.
So for now, I'm trying to find ways to occupy my time...
such as getting into this cheesy drama Pretty Little Liars.
I'm not going to lie, it's pretty darn addicting already!
I know these last few weeks are hardest,
so what are some ways I can pass the time mamas?!?


  1. Wow! I Just had to show my hubby the difference between this week and your 37 week bumpdate. She is ready! I'll be thinking about you guys. xoxo

  2. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about Joe being sick. Everyone has been sick in our house and now I have it. You def. DO look like you've dropped but I guess only you can really tell. It would be awesome if she came on New Years:) I love the leopard print scarf. I've been looking for one but no suck luck yet!

  3. Eek! I can't wait to see the announcement that she is here!!

  4. Maybe you can write little letters to your baby-to-be so she can read them obviously at a much later time. lol Tell her what it's been like since you knew you were going to have her, the time of season it is now, what it's going outside (it's very snowy here in WNY, is it snowing near you??), etc. I don't know, just a thought!! :)

  5. I really didn't think you'd still be waiting for her to make an appearance. Wow. Sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable. Hang in there!

  6. You still look great! I'm sure you're past ready to meet your little one! I guess she's holding out for a 2013 birthday :)

  7. Soooooo close!!! I'm so excited for you! The last few weeks/days are definitely the worst... but I promisepromise that they're worth every bit of discomfort, pain, and anxiety. Listen to your body though. I had no idea I was in labor ;) And take advantage of those naps... you'll need to be rested and ready when she comes! She'll be here soon, I feel it! hahaha

  8. Oh man! I cannot imagine carrying around a watermelon! Eeeeeep! Thinking of you, your husband, and your 2013 bebe! :)


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