Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts from Friends (and a VLOG)

To carry on the idea of giving, from yesterday's post
I want to share a few goodies I have received from two 
amazing girls, who happened to be named Alison!!
is a fellow blogger who is just awesome!
I have been following her over a year
 and she shares a passion for life.
She's super positive, motivated, caring, 
and I just love reading about her life happenings.
She and her husband (they are ahhhh-dorable) 
and their dog Cruz make me wish I lived up North!
She shares workouts, recipes, fashion, and an optimistic outlook on life.
Family is so important to her, so I definitely share that quality as well.
She also sent me a fun baby care package full of goodies!
I figured I'd shoot a video of me opening it,
but I get a little nervous/shy opening gifts..especially when they are so meaningful!
But, here I am via VLOG...
{awesome freeze frame btw}
 The onesie she sent is from this website:
and if you check them out, you'll see that their mission is to spread
the idea of hope, dreaming, and inspiration.
It's so important to teach children to dream, and even more to continue 
carrying that hope and positivity through adult-hood.
She knows that how much we wanted a baby,
and how special it is that we conceived baby Brooke.

How fun is that bib?!
And my other fun gifts I've been opening each day,
are from my 'real life' girlfriend Alison.
I shared my video of her gift box in this post here
and here are days 1-6 so far!!
Day One:
 Oreo cookies dipped in MINT chocolate...
They were gone in a day.
Probably my favorite gift so far! haha
 Day Two:
A notepad!!
 Day Three:
Who doesn't love holiday soaps?!
 Day Four:
Day Five:
Day Six:
Hand towels
  Each morning after breakfast I cannot wait to open up a new gift!!
Thank you so much for making these last few weeks of pregnancy
go by a little quicker, by having something cute and fun to look forward to!
I'm so lucky to have awesome "Alisons" in my life!!
Thank you thank you thank you girls!!!! 


  1. Awwww! That's so sweet! I've been wanting to send something to you but I thought it would be weird if I asked for your address LOL What Allison got you is ADORABLE! I love her, she is just so sweet! PS. you look AMAZING in the vlog, your hair? is gorgeous!

  2. How sweet. Alison is really sweet I've been following her blog for a long time too. You look great and I agree your hair looks awesome

  3. You are the cutest!! Glad you liked it all. I had my mom make the beanie and yes I made the headband. Thank you for the video that was so awesome and girl you are something beautiful!! Someday we will meet. Count on it!! ;) that is do awesome what your other friend Alison did!!

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I may have to do this for some girlfriends when they are prego.

  5. You're adorable!!! :) So cute preggers!!! Loved the VLOG!!!!


  6. Sooo cute I still love that idea!

  7. How sweet! I love everything you've gotten. The 1 gift a day seems really fun :)

  8. Oh my gosh!! What sweet Alison(s)!!!

    I LOVE that idea of opening a new gift each day. We have that Twisted Peppermint soap in our bathroom right now :) The polar bear on front is just adorable.

  9. i love that your friend did this! What a cute SWEET idea!


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