Monday, December 10, 2012

Winner & Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!
I'll start right out by saying thank you so much
 for entering my jewelry giveaway.
Even if you didn't win, 
I highly suggest looking into purchasing a bracelet for a fellow bracelet lover!
 Congrats to my winner
I'll get you in touch with Jill, the shop owner.

This weekend was a tad stressful...
You see, our crazy min/pin Chihuahua Holly,
likes to go absolutely bonkers when someone walks by the window.
I worry about the barking when baby comes
and I've always worried about her hurting herself.
It could be a dog being walked, a person, anything. 
If someone comes to the door? 
She loses her mind.
She flies around the living room barking like crazy,
bouncing from loveseat to couch, to the window seat
where the dogs have a bed they lay on.
Well, we moved the the couch forward and put the tree up...
and the mailman brought a few packages to the door around 11 am on Saturday.
Long story short, Holly went  nuts.
I think she flew off the couch and landed funny and really hurt herself.
Once the packages were left,
Holly was whimpering and whining and walking funny..
she finally went to her dog bed and howled.
That's when I noticed she was bleeding and peed herself.
My heart stopped as she began to act all lethargic and close her eyes...
I seriously thought I was going to lose her.
I called my husband, trying to remain calm,
and freaked him out because he thought something was wrong with me.
He rushed home from work,
we ran her to the animal ER
and they ran some tests...
Still not sure if she injured herself internally or if she has an infection,
but it was just awful.
She seems to be okay today,
but she is going potty a lot more frequently.
It was just not my idea of a relaxing Saturday.
My goal is to now train her to not act like a maniac every time our doorbell rings.
We call her 'wallers' because she runs into walls,
but this is just too much!
She seriously hurt herself this time.
I got so upset over my dog,
I cannot imagine what I'd feel
 if something were to happen to Brooke, once I have this baby girl.
So needless to stay, we took it fairly easy Saturday night and yesterday.
It's not feeling very "Christmas-like" outside, 
{low of 50's right now?}
but inside with our tree up
I'm starting to feel a little more festive!
It's not nearly like our trees years past...
We joke that it's our 'Charlie Brown' tree
We just didn't want to overdo it, since we have no idea
when lil miss will make her arrival.

I have presents to wrap and nursery pictures to take...
along with daily chores.
Still washing dishes by hand--Thursday can't come quick enough hehe
I move a little more slowly these days...
So that's my agenda today.
Nothing too exciting or strenuous.
Have a fantastic week!


  1. OMG I can't believe I won the giveaway! I seriously never win anything. Totally made my day :) Thanks Jenn!

  2. oh my gosh your poor puppy, ugh i would be freaking out, and not staying calm if my dogs ever got hurt or they were bleeding, hopefully she is doing better! our dogs go nuts when the door bell rings too

  3. your poor pup! hope she's ok! our dog goes psycho when people come to the door too or walk by our window!

  4. Your poor little pup! I hope she starts feeling better soon!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry your dog hurt herself. That's so scary. :(

    Your tree looks beautiful!


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