Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Happenings...

What a fun little date.
I'll just share some random happenings...
Monday night my fabulous mother-in-law and I created this!
I e-mailed her a tutorial,
she printed it off.
I read it to her,
picked my fabrics,
and voila.
She sewed up this little diaper changing pad, with a pocket!
 We used PUL material on one side (pink)
and adorable cotton fabric on the other.
 There's enough room for a diaper and some wipes.
Great for on the go!
 We added velcro, 
so that it can fold up and stay like a clutch.
I'm getting really uncomfortable
and I'm at my wits end with my doggies.
Thank you for your sweet comments about Holly.
The vet seems to think she has a bladder infection...
coincidentally with the trauma she endured?
I don't really buy it, but hopefully the meds will help her.
She's having accidents in the house,
and let's just say, it's not a fun way to start the morning.
 I'm really trying to listen to one of my favorite ornaments on our tree.
Thank goodness for my amazing husband who is putting up with my
{semi-crazy} final weeks of pregnancy hormones.
I love you boo!
I also love love love my dear friend Alison.
Here are the last 6 days of gifts I have received!
Day 7-
Snowflake ornament
 Day 8-
Cozy holiday Tea!!
 Day 9-
Cold and swollen feet.
She couldn't be more on!!
 Day 10-
She knows how much I love Christmas!!
Perfect for the back of our door.
 Day 11-
I was literally 'woo-hooing' when I opened this one!!
 She brought over:
Homemade cheese and meat raviolis.
Loaf of Italian bread.
All homemade.
All absolutely delicious!!
She made Joe a Key Lime Pie too!
 And today,
Day 12-
Such a pretty shade
"Iced Latte"
I think it will be perfect for that winter glow.
Thank you again Alison!!
You are just too sweet and I love it.
It's so fun opening a little gift every day.
I started some light baking...
Just some homemade chocolate chip cookies,
with holiday chips.
I have my last hair appointment today where I won't need a sitter!!
So crazy how you start thinking like that...
Hopefully this day continues to get better.
Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. I know the feeling of being uncomfortable and having those crazy hormones...not too much longer though and then we'll forget all about it! :)

    I love the little diaper changing pad you and your MIL made...very cute!

  2. Love that diaper changing fabric, super cute!
    Not much longer to go and your little girl will be here

  3. How sweet is your MIL and your friend?! You've got some great women in your life. I love that she came over and cooked you dinner- what a sweetheart! :)

    Those holiday cookies look AMAZING.

  4. Please, please, please, send me this tutorial!!

  5. So sweet of them! :) Those cookies look AMAZING right now!! :)


  6. OMG!!! The hair appt comment got me! It's crazy how close you are!! I need to send you this box of clothes for that sweet baby!!!


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