Saturday, December 15, 2012

37 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along:
37 Weeks and 1 day
*We are officially full term*
Baby is the size of:
aka big!
I had my first weekly check up.
She's measuring at 38 weeks.
Her head is down,
but she has not dropped.
The Dr said he'd do an internal check if I wanted,
but there was really no point...
so I decided to wait until next week.
He said they'll only let me go up to a week past my due date,
then there are risks and complications.
I hope I go naturally...
The joints in my hands ache..
My knuckles, wrists...hopefully it will ease up a bit.
Swollen feet.
Highs/lows emotionally.
I cry at everything.
I am peeing like every hour.
It's insane.
Heartburn is still kickin, so lots of Tums.
Still have the lower pubic pain.
She seems to just love to hang out on my left side,
and it's so heavy!
Wednesday night it felt like she shifted,
I felt amazing and actually took Holly on a little walk.
I woke up again with the pain on Thursday though...
I seem to be getting hot flashes, then I'll be cold.
So weird.
I definitely have my moments where I just don't know how much longer I can go.
*Cue Thursday night, laying on the couch while hubs played Madden,
I may or may not have been in tears.
But then I have days like yesterday where I felt so great!
After my Dr. appointment,
I went to Target, stocked up on food etc.
went for a nice drive with my husband,
and we went out to eat at a little Italian restaurant.
There's so much to think about,
and at this point, so little I can do!
I try to keep busy and am thankful it's Christmas time.
I'm trying to be patient,
but I want to hold my baby!!
Some good nights-I only wake up 2-3 times
Some bad-I wake up like 6 times and my hips hurt so bad every time I turn left/right.
I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't fall back to sleep.
I try to nap...sometimes it's just resting.
I have officially taken off my wedding band and engagement rings.
My fingers swell throughout the day
and I decided to not risk having to cut them off or something awful.
Joe thinks it's really funny that I'm super prego and not wearing them.
Hardy har.
Maple Syrup.
Lots of fruit--clementines--I ate 3 last night?!
Down to one pair of jeans, one pair of khakis, leggings.
Around the house I have a few yoga pants and sweats.
My belly hangs out of most shirts and I'm constantly pulling them down.
I wore flip flops to dinner last night.
It's that or Uggs and I running hot lately...
I'm happy that I did not buy a maternity coat
 because I am warm enough with a scarf
or a puffer vest open.
Both of which I usually remove.
I did buy two nursing tops from Gap that I packed in my hospital bag.
I hope they're comfy and useful.
Other than that, I refuse to buy any more prego stuff.
Belly Button:
Still weird and not popped.
Stretch Marks:
Still hoping. 
We're almost at 60 pounds people...
I'm told that I don't look it;
I am tall so I must hide it well.
I will work it off...
As long as baby and I are healthy,
that's all that matters.
Miss Anything:
After holding my baby girl,
I cannot wait to shove fresh salmon sushi with squeezed lemon in my mouth.
Take a huge bite of an Italian assorted sub from a deli.
Have my husband grill me a rare steak.
Enjoy a salad with Italian dressing and crumbly blue.
I may make Brie en Croute after the holidays,
because I can.
Not to mention to help all of that yummy goodness go down,
with a nice glass of vino.
Best moment of the week:
A tie between feeling great for a few hours and walking the dog
and going on a 'date' with my hubs like old times last night.
I even fit in his car and enjoyed the drive (maybe for the last time?!)
Then comes my blonde hair...I now feel like a new woman.
Oh and getting our new dishwasher!
Looking forward to:
The 49ers game tomorrow--
they better bring their A game against New England! 
Finishing up my Christmas wrapping and 
all the fun that comes along with the holidays.
Enjoying feeling her move around in my belly
these last few weeks.
Labor Signs:
Keep on baking lil B.
Overall thoughts/questions/concerns:
I don't envision "me going into labor" being crazy.
I want to be as calm as possible and not flying down the express way.
But I don't want to be like a local couple in the news who had to pull over
on the way to the hospital because the baby was comin out!
The hospital is only 10 minutes away...
I don't think my water will break.
I don't think she will come early.
I want to do a little more reading before she comes.
 I could be totally wrong, 
but I figured I'd share what's floating around in my crazy head.
Just 3 more weeks!
Possibly 4.


  1. This is so exciting! You still look great, by the way. Sorry you had to finally remove your wedding ring, but that'd be terrible if they had to cut them off. I think it's hilarious that you have a list of food you want to eat as soon as she's born. :) So happy for you.

  2. You look so great! I hope you go naturally too and are calm. I'm sure you will be. (Although I totally just pictured that scene in Knocked Up where she's sitting in the tub trying to stay calm. Lol.)

    Oh and the clementines? I eat 3 REGULARLY! Lol. So hooked right now.

  3. The last few weeks are the worst!! Are you nesting at all? I cleaned like a crazy woman towards the end, I mean like steam mopped my floors Jim the neat freak loved it:) You look gorgeous as usual!!

  4. I don't think you need to worry about stretch marks at this point lady. I can't imagine you gaining anymore weight. Don't give up hope that you'll deliver naturally! She will come when she is ready. So excited for you!

  5. Looking great!! You're getting so close! Things definitely get worse before they get better, but they definitely get better!!!

    Thinking of you,

  6. So close now! I'm glad you're still doing well and again, I love positive you've been. Hang in there a little longer :)

  7. You are looking great and so close to the end- the best part! I'm 27 weeks tomorrow and getting excited about the third trimester. Not so excited about being uncomfortable that last month though;) good luck the next few wks!


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