Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's Cooking in my Kitchen and Why

I don't always remember to photograph my food
{sometimes I turn into an ogre and need to eat ASAP!}
But I really like looking back and seeing what I made.
I also like to see if we enjoyed it or not!!
Here are some fairly easy meals I've made lately...
Let's face it.
I am trying to eat healthy, and yet do as little as possible.
I'm to the point where I don't want to go out to a restaurant much,
and I'd still rather eat a home cooked meal than fast food.
So here are some of my kitchen happenings...
Pretty much daily
minus the bacon, since that is not healthy
This is our typical breakfast.
I heat organic oatmeal up on the stove, add raisins, walnuts & a splash of maple syrup.
For the hubs:
4 eggs over easy and a slice of toast.
We share the fruit.
We have those three fruits every single morning.

 And why I am trying to eat more oatmeal
{Above images are from Google}
Pomegranate Chipotle Pork Tenderloin
It was a Tastefully Simple  {Recipe Here}
You could probably substitute any sauce
It was a little dry, but I can't eat anything not cooked 'well' while pregnant...
I'd make it again.
Not an all the time meal.
Not shown:
Chicken Marsala:
{Recipe here}
{Recipe here}
I kinda took from both of those...did my thang.
I love organic baby bellas.
I cut the chicken breasts in half, placed in ziploc bags and pounded them thin.
I think that really makes a difference!!
It was super yummy!
I served it over penne pasta and freshly grated parm cheese.
Swiss Steak:
I went with this you tube tutorial...
I was trying to avoid tomatoes because of my heartburn.

I really liked it, but I grew up "meat and potatoes"
my husband is more pasta and meatballs...
So he ate it, but he didn't love it.

Pasta Bake 
Any type of sauce, pasta, meat...add a few seasonings & toss into oven.
Top with cheese.
You can throw spinach in too for an extra boost of veggies.
Can't get any easier.
Baked Tilapia 
Use this--{Recipe here}
I tried just panko and some seasonings, but I much prefer RR's w/ Parm cheese
Tastefully Simple's Beer Cheese Soup 
{Recipe here}
Joe LOVES this soup.
Served with a side salad and a baked roll.
Don't forget the water (add a washed lemon slice for health benefits!)
 {Recipe here}
I modified it and made it work for me.
You can't really mess up lasagna, unless you slice it too soon out of the oven.
 I did that the first time and the juices run all over the place.
Let it cool a bit and then it slices beautifully.
What I love about this is, it's always better then next day(s)
I serve it on a Friday night and we have lunch/dinner for a few days.
I didn't take a final picture, but this was in the layering process.
Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Tater-tot in Slow Cooker
{Recipe here}
OK...so jury is still out.
I didn't have a whole bag of tots, so I used half tots & half steak fries.
I loved when they crisped up around the edges, but some were mushy.
The husband said that shredded chicken may have tasted better.
I loved the gooey melted cheese and bacon toppings.
I'd like to modify and try again.
Served with a salad.
Leftover Filet Mignon:
We are trying to be really good about eating all our food, not wasting it.
Joe grilled steaks on a Sunday,
so Monday I just sliced the steaks thin, placed on bread, added Swiss Cheese.
Toasted in the oven at 400 for 10 mins (watched closely)
Served with a salad and peaches.
 Joe cooked!!
Pan Seared Sea Scallops w/ searing flour & a finishing butter--Garlic Cheese
Chicken a l'orange and a side salad.
Not sure what recipe he used...but it was so yummy!
I know it had some honey in it since it glazed over nicely.
I think anything tastes better when you've got your feet up by a fire
and you're being waited on...
I try to have a yogurt of some sorts once a day.
I also eat 6 small meals, which means a lot of snacking.
Here are some of my favorite yummies!
As you can tell, we love our salads!
I saw on Dr. Oz we should be eating our leafy greens TWICE a day.
I have been really trying to make that happen, especially with my labor right around the corner.
We still indulge in our sweets...
I've been requested to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.
But it is SO SO SO important to eat the rainbow!
 What typically goes into our salads and why:
{Following are Google Images}

 I use the fresh herb Cilantro...
so fresh!!

 We typically use a Spring Mix
and I always make sure it includes Spinach!
And of course I toss a few dried cranberries in...
I love reading and watching what other families eat.
It can get so tedious cooking day in and day out,
but the benefits clearly outweigh eating at fast food chains or even most restaurants.
Being pregnant I really try to watch my sodium intake and by cooking at home,
I control it!!
I should really get on top of some freezer meals for when baby arrives...
but I think I'm secretly hoping our  family and friends
{because so many of them are amazing cooks!!}
will come visit baby Brooke and bring a dish!
I'm sure we'll survive either way.
Have a great day!


  1. YUM!! I can't wait to try some of this :)

  2. My stomach is seriously grumbling after reading your post. The pork tenderloin and pasta bake look scrumptious. You're such a good cook!

  3. Dang girl! I'm coming to your house for dinner!

  4. Okay all of this looks SO yummy. My stomach is growling. I agree - it's so important that we add in more veggies and fruits. Thanks for including the images that list why it's important for us. I love reading those things!

  5. Your meals look DELICIOUS!!! You need to come cook for me! ;) I love cooking but when I get home from work at night I feel SO lazy. These pictures are literally making me drool!

  6. It all looks super tasty and now I'm hungry! I also love that you share fruit so cute

  7. LOL did you put the cilantro bit in there for me and Kristin?

  8. What an awesome post! I wish we lived closer..I would be there for dinner every night. Things are hard right now and I haven't been able to cook in weeks. It's really strating to bum me out. I can't wait to get back to my weekly recipe list and start trying new things agian. I haven't been eating as healthy as I need to be pregnant and all, that's mostly because my cravings are weird and I can only stomach certian things. This post inspires me to eat better! Not for myself but for baby girl:)

  9. Gosh, Jenn! I am always beyond impressed when I see and hear about what you've all cooked for the week. If I ever get married someday, I am going to fly out and hire you to teach me all of your culinary wisdom! ;)

    Everything here looks delicious!


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