Monday, December 3, 2012

35 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along:
35 Weeks & 3 days
One month from tomorrow!
January 4th is my due date.
Baby is the size of a:
 Mmmmm coconuts!!
Makes me think of making 7 Layer Magic Bars...
Weight Gain:
Oh yeah...over 50.
I don't really need to disclose actual numbers, do I?
I'm down to one pair of the three maternity jeans that I actually like wearing.
I live in yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras.
Case in point:
Oh yeah, keepin it real on the blog...
I showered, but no makeup.
No hair done.
No hottness.
You're welcome.
I didn't take any pictures this week of my 'cute outfits.'
All my t-shirts ride up and show my belly.
If I do leave the house, I'll try to wear a cardi/scarf,
but as soon as I'm home I am back in comfy clothes.
I really don't care about being that cute as much as before...
The only shoes that fit currently are Uggs -short, not tall. 
I actually wore them with
 my black ON maternity dress
Grey long drapey cardi from my mom
and a pop of pink scarf.
I got a lot of compliments...
I was going to get a massage=messy bun
  Other than those, I have a pair of sneakers,
which, I need my dear husband to tie for me.
I wear a lot of fuzzy socks around the house...
Stretch Marks:
Still no!!!
{Still crossing fingers?!}
I have had trouble falling asleep,
but I do sleep.
I get up 3-5 times a night.
Best moment of the week:
Pre-natal massage.
Heavenly and much enjoyed.
I'm loving that 
Baby girl squirms a lot!
Still kicks/punches with a lot of force.
My husband had Sat-Monday off
We ordered Netflix and began watching
How I met Your Mother.
We stayed in our pjs all day Saturday, had a fire going,
and just relaxed.
 We are really soaking in these last few quiet weeks just the two of us.
Literally had one for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
Good thing I had all the ingredients!
Still loving my whole milk.
I think my heartburn isn't as bad as before; I had pizza this weekend too!
I still have bad hip pain, but I really try to just take a lot of breaks.
If I'm standing for awhile,
I'll be sure to sit..
then lay on my left side.
I just listen to my body.
I've been getting very hungry this week.
VERY thirsty--I am constantly asking Joe to bring me more water.
Still on!!
Even my feet/ankles aren't bad at all.
I am really watching my salt...
and really trying to watch my sugar--easier said than done.
Very happy...and very in love with my husband.
Being pregnant isn't easy,
and it requires a lot of communication and support.
Joe really helped out a lot yesterday when we had family over,
and I could not be more thankful.
I watched our mini wedding videos and balled.
I cannot believe that we're about to top the happiest day of our lives....
 I'm getting really excited!
I  have thoughts of worry from time to time,
as to be expected.
I've never given birth before!!
But I remind myself that women are made to do this,
and they've been doing this for a very, very long time!
I just cannot wait to hold our little girl.
So, yes, I am getting really really ready!
Belly Button:
That sucker is slowly making its way out!
It's kinda creepy.
Joe and I really didn't think it'd become an outtie,
but now I'm not so sure. 
I'm still sticking with the turkey popper theory.
Looking Foward to:
Girls' Night at my house Wednesday
Getting our tree maybe next weekend..
we just needed a chill these last few days.
In a little over a month,
my life will change for the better,
I am so blessed.


  1. aww.. I love these bumpdates you know. I adore how positive you are,and how adorable you look even when you say you aren't trying! It's great you have no stretch marks, especially with the weight you say you've gained. Have you been using anything? Hang in there girl! You'll be holding her soon:)

  2. Ooooh man- you are getting up 3-5 times each night? You poor thing, Jenn! Glad to hear everything is going well though. Hard to believe Brooke is the size of a coconut now! That seems so big!!

  3. no stretch marks, I'm impressed girl! and I've gained over 50 lbs too... at this point I'm like oh well!! I'm glad you are feeling lots of happy moods :)

    are you starting to freak out about labor yet? I go through spurts! Some days I'm calm cool collected.. whatever happens happens; other days I'm so anxious and emailing every mom I know to ask questions!

  4. You're doing good!! I got to where I couldn't sleep, at all. I'd fall asleep and wake WIDE awake 2-3 hours later and even when I tried to nap I couldn't sleep at all then. 2-3 hours of sleep at 34-37 weeks was NO good. I was one cranky woman! I tried melatonin at my Dr's suggestion because I'm allergic to benedryl (also a dr recomendation) but it didn't work for me.
    I hope you don't get the sleeplessness!


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