Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Girl's Nursery Tour!!

OK, I'm finally ready to share off all of our hard work.
It's still not "100% completed"
but I want to share how much we've done,
 and how prepared we are for lil miss.
I tried to include as many links as possible for things I've purchased...
We are very proud of our nursery.
I truly believe it's a beautiful reflection of both my husband and I
and perfect for our little bambina!!  
We just love going in there and cannot wait to bring her home to it!
My husband didn't want me painting or really lifting a finger
when it came to working on the nursery.
I didn't put up much of a fight, since I knew
I'd be able to spend my time searching for organizing essentials
and decor.
As soon as we found out we were having a girl,
he went right to work!
He primed the walls...
 Removed the dirty old green carpet.
It was like 90+ degrees and this man worked his tail off.
He wonders why I already tell him he's a great daddy.
 Picked out "Fun Yellow"
and painted her room.
We also chose that carpet--a neutral.
Before and after
We took the doors right off, since they were the annoying sliding ones.
I wanted it all open so I could view all her cute items anyway.
 Slowly starting to stock the goodies...
 I searched high and low looking for perfect organization.
I thought it'd double as baby stuff storage
and her little library.
I cannot wait til her little hands can grab those books.
And this is her closet today!!
Her clothes are washed and hung according to size.
The basket underneath that holds her cloth diapers,
for when I'm ready to take that plunge!
{Baskets are from Jo-Anns and my mother-in-law lined them with fabric}
Can you stand all of her clothes??
Of course she's already a fashionista in the making.
 We purchased her crib and changer dresser from Buy Buy Baby.
The crib converts to a toddler bed, then a full size bed.
Her mattress is also from Buy Buy and it's organic.
 Her gorgeous bedding was designed by me 
and sewn by Grandma D!! {Mama-in-law}
Letters made by my friend Ann--she used scrapbook paper to match!
 Her name plaque was made by Nana (my step-mom Tricia)
The color pops with the yellow and fits perfectly above her door.
 Another view
And the gorgeous Tu-tu outfit for her newborn photo sesh from my mom!
 Nightlight I custom ordered from Angela at
 Switch plate I ordered from etsy
 My glider!!
From Buy Buy Baby.
Gifted from my dad and step-mom.
The little white stand I bought years ago when I owned my own house.
I think it was from Wal-Mart.
I just wanted a little "nursing station".
I ended up moving the lamp to the changing dresser.
It's from Target.
I made a little video on my iPhone...
I apologize it's not the greatest quality but it's something.
I am over 37 weeks prego and out of breath easily!! 
Feel free to leave a comment for any of my questions I ask in the video.
Thanks and have a great day!!


  1. It is so gorgeous! The video won't load for me probably because I'm on the school's wifi. Ugh. So I'll watch it later!)

    Can't wait to (virtually) meet little Brooke!

  2. Holy moly! I would move in! SO cute. You guys did such a great job!!! Brooke will love it!!

  3. It's perfect! Absolutely love it! You both did an amazing job!

  4. This is so cute! I love it! The open closet is such a great idea!

  5. aw i love it all! and love that you went with yellow, it's so cheerful. Ps. I think you should def do the photo collage, i don't think it's too busy at all with them and I may just have to steal some of your ideas! like a nursing station? genius! Love the lil nightlights and the furniture and bedding you guys did a great job!! I can't wait to start mine! Cloth diapers.. i'm still up in the air..what's your guys' plan? you said after a few months.. so which sizes, how many to start?

  6. love the room, it is adorable. I agree with Rachel I love the yellow. great job mama (& daddy)

  7. Ahhhh everything is SO CUTE! I have been waiting for this post forever!! :) LOVE LOVE the bright yellow you chose, and the pops of pink are just darling!

  8. LOVE the room. Gorgeous. I need to get one of those cubby things for the closet too.

  9. It's gorgeous, Jenn! You did a fantastic job decorating. I love the closet space and all the clothes she has already! I'm sure many special memories will be made between mama and baby on that glider. So sweet!

  10. So glad you went with yellow. I love it. The glider is so cute! I've been trying to find one similar, I love the switch plate and the bookcase in the closet. Makes for great organizing:) of course she's a fashionista like her momma;)

  11. Love, love, love the closet! What a wardrobe. :) The pinks and yellows look goregous. You really did a good job of organizing everything.

  12. Jenn!!! It looks awesome!!!!!! Way to go. Can't wait to see her sleeping in that pretty crib!!!!

  13. I love every bit of it and I definitely think you should do the gallery wall! Things hung on a wall just make it feel cozy and what you have picked out is gorgeous! I LOOOOOOOOVE the open closet! She already has more clothes than Aubree! I am so excited for you both and Brooke is going to be so beautiful! I can't wait to see her! It seems like just yesterday you were telling me you were pregnant and Isn't She Lovely was playing on my radio. I love to see all the love in that baby girl's room. You have so many people who love you and Brooke will have the best parents!! Love you girl!!!

  14. So so cute!! Love every bit of it!! You guys did a fabulous job and her bedding is to die for! :)

  15. She is one lucky girl. This is gorgeous! My two favorite things: the Eiffel Tower lamp and the little owl on her bookshelf drawer. Oh...and the name sign your step-mom made. So three things!

  16. Baby Brooke is so lucky to have such a great mom and dad already!! There are two things I really love: the Eiffel Tower lamp and the owl on the bookshelf drawer. Oh, and all the personalizations for her name. So more than two! Absolutely beautiful nursery.

  17. Love it! That is a great idea for bookcase in the closet- might be stealing that! We are looking at gliders at Buy Buy Baby after Christmas. I love yours!

  18. I can't believe all of her "stuff". Brooke is one spoiled little gal already. The nursery looks fabulous, great job

  19. So cute! I absolutely love it!! That nightlight is precious!!

  20. I love the colors and everything in the nursery! What a pretty, happy space to bring your little girl home to!


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