Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brooke Lynn: 6 Months

Oh, my, goodness little munchkin.  You are already half a year old.  Seriously, where does the time go?  Every where we go, people always comment at what a happy baby you are.  It doesn't matter if they are strangers or friends and family.  You really are a ray of sunshine and everyone who meets you, feels your happy presence.

You are so silly and goofy.  You love riding around in the car and sing up a storm!! You will coo, screech, and yell ahhhhhhhhhhh, all day long.  You enjoy long walks by the beach, the canal, in a park.  You love to be held, and yet always try to push off of us to get away!  You celebrated your first 4th of July and that was so much fun!! I am excited to celebrate my birthday with you tomorrow. 

Brooke Eats:
You are drinking 4-5 9 oz bottles a day.  {Earth's Best Organic Sensitive}
3 meals {stage 2 or homemade w/ a little bit of cereal mixed in}
You still don't love peas, but we are working on that!!
You loved sucking on a lemon, of all things?!
We just started a sippy cup with water.

You are sitting up all by yourself.  I can put you in your pack-and-play and you'll sit there playing with your toys and reading books.   
Fake cough aka the attention cough!
You love when we make the 'farting noise' with our mouth, or when I go, "Meep Meep".
Starting to like Eskimo kisses 
You're a rolling machine! You will roll and scoot all over the bed or the floor.
We have to be very careful when changing you, as you want to roll right off!
You go backwards in your walker--still haven't figured out forward.
Daddy loves getting you out of your crib in the morning, but quickly calls mommy in to change your SUPER dirty diaper..,


Your weight is in the 88%
Height 94%
You still have a rash we are working on getting rid of.  Darn yeast or something; now we have you on an oral antibiotic. Just go away already stupid rash!
Two bottom teeth are finally coming in!
You sleep 8:00/9:00 pm-7:00 am
Nap 9-10:30
Afternoon nap another 2 hours
Size 3 diapers
Size 9 & 12 month clothing

Drooling in full effect.

Sophie the giraffe 
Refrigerated teething toys
Your doorway jumper
Being outside
Playing with your books
Your stuffed animals/dolls
 Your Daddy. Nothing puts a smile on your face, quite like he can. :)
And because babies in black and white, are just simply, timeless...

 I love you more than I ever thought I could. You are my everything, little Brooke Lynn.  I cherish each and every minute I spend with you, and am so grateful that you're such a healthy, happy, & strong little girl.  Your daddy and I are so happy you came into our lives.  You bring us joy like we've never experienced before.  We are happy to see you grow, but sad that you're no longer our teeny little squishy baby. Thank you for being the sunshine of our lives.


  1. She's gorgeous! That little smile and those big baby blues. I can't believe she's 6 months already!

  2. So cute!! I wish our girls to play together too!

  3. aw love it. She is such an adorable happy babygirl!

  4. Has it REALLY been six months?! So sweet.

  5. She is a doll!! Happy Birthday pretty!!

  6. I love her little smile!!! She is getting SO big!!


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