Monday, July 15, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

It's Monday people! How was your weekend? 

Ours flew by, like usual!  My husband has been working on 'flipping houses' for awhile now.  We've gone back and forth, on whether we should rent or sell them.  We've had them on the market for a bit, and even with burying the St. Joseph statue, they still were sitting there.  Well, we decided to advertise to rent.  My husband had such a response, he literally had to hold an open house for renters this past Sunday!! So maybe we will own a bunch of houses and have our own rental properties deal, who knows?!  That's one thing about my hubby, never a dull moment around here!! It literally happened overnight it seems.  We were supposed to spend the day reminiscing down on Keuka Lake where we got married, but we will do that another day.  Instead, Friday was spent putting last minute touches together in one of the rentals.

Brooke and I stopped over to say hello!

Friday was an exciting mail day, as I am really taking charge of my health.  After much debating and after trying their products, I am totally on board with this corporation.

I was given a sample of Spark, which I was honestly skeptical of at first.  But after trying it, I loved it! 

So now? I'm a distributor.  Heck ya for the 20% discount!! I know that the prices throws people off a bit, but to be honest, I was spending a good amount of money at a health food store for my pre-natals and other supplements and not getting a discount.  Plus, I never know where those products were made or anything about their companies.  Also, the amount of support, love and encouragement from my team makes me want to become in the best shape of my life...

My kit came with these two gems:

I haven't tried the SLAM yet but I've heard it's awesome, especially if you don't have water handy to mix your Spark with.

I was a two+ coffee kind of girl.  I was looking for something to replace that afternoon latte/coffee with.  I have certainly found it!

I was down to nursing ONCE a day, and as of this past Saturday...I believe I am done.  I am happy we made it to 6 months, but Brooke is taking to formula just fine and I don't have the stress or pressure of trying to keep my milk supply up and my weight down. 

I ordered some meal replacements to try and Catalyst was also recommended to me.

So right now I'm taking:

CorePlex with Iron
Spark (1 a day)
Meal Replacement Shake (1 a day)

I am loving the way that I have been feeling.  I believe that when you're taking the proper supplements, your body craves the right foods as well.  I think you're more apt to be a clean/healthy eater if you're spending money on things like vitamins/supplements.  Why would you want to fuel your body with garbage if you're taking control of your health?  That's the way I look at it.  [but sometimes you slip up...oops!]

I am looking forward to sharing my success with you as I continue taking charge of my health.  My goal is August 1st to start the 24 day challenge.  I have seen so many people have great results with it, so I am hopeful to see the same.

It's nice to have the convenience of Spark handy wherever I go!

Saturday I went to the Podiatrist and it turns out I do have tendonitis in my foot.  The Dr wanted to give me anti-inflammatory prescriptions, I said no. Offered a cortisone shot, I refused.  He recommended cortisone tablets----they're still sitting at CVS.  I just hate 'extra' drugs!! I figure, I'll rest it when I can.  Ice it, wear my sneakers more in the house and I will be okay.

Saturday night we went out for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite restaurants Good Luck to celebrate my friend Matty who's moving away.  Thank goodness for Marshall's and their inexpensive dresses!! {$16}

Thanks to my insta-peeps and friends who helped me choose black shoes over nude!! #toughchoices

Thank you again to my mother in law for babysitting for us!! We were out til past 12, which is super late for us (and you!) Thank you so much!! 

Sunday brought some play time with baby girl...

And one tired mama--so hubby ran to Panera for breakfast and a coffee. Thank you Leah again for such an adorable coffee sleeve.  Her store is so adorable, you all need to go check it out Simply Made With Love

So after the open house, we went for a little drive and walk at a park.  And I'll admit...we cheated and had burgers & shared an order of fries...and I {gasp} even had a fountain coke.  Hey, I'm not perfect, but we all have our days.  #especiallywhentoomuchpinotwasinvolvedthenightbefore

When we got home I took the doggies on a long walk, as they had been cooped up all day. 

So, while I strive to be healthier, I will admit it is hard to be perfect and eat clean 100% of the time.  Since our lunch was so bad, I made a huge salad and we had venison steaks on the grill.

Today is a new day, and I look forward to menu planning and getting right back on track with workouts and healthy eating. 

What fun things did you do this weekend?



  1. sounds like a fun weekend!! I blogged about my weekend on my blog.


  2. one- i'm dying to try it but haven't found anyone to send me a sample!
    two- don't do the cortisone shots! lol that bitch hurts! I got it once in my big toe when I broke it 3 weeks before walking down the aisle.. never ever again!
    three- that dress..ow ow! ;)
    four- breastfeeding.. i don't know how some moms love it. And want to do it forever. I'm already over the stress and commitment (i'll stick it out til 6mos too) but am looking forward to the day where my bubbies belong to me again

    Oh also renting is the way to go! :) That was our plan with our home now.. We bought it, fixed it up and plan to rent it out once we have the money to buy again..

    I could go on and on but i'll stop ;) have a good day!!

  3. Love your dress!! Excited to see how you like Advocare!

  4. LOve your outlook and balance on it all; can't wait to read about your results!

  5. Excited to follow along on your Advocare journey! I'm still on the fence about it...

    Brooke is getting so big! She's the perfect mixture of you and Joe.

    And one more thing.. ;) I love your new design!!! Erin is awesome!

  6. Love this and SO excited to have you on the team!!

    You look SMOKIN' in that black dress!!! Brookie's got a hot mama!!!! ;)


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