Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us

Three years ago today I said "I do." You can read a lot more about here and here

And you can even find a crazy little story about the B & B my family/friends stayed at the night before we tied the knot [here].

Today, I sit here typing this with a smile, as little Brooke screeches and plays in her exersaucer.

Funny how much life changes in the course of three little years.

Looking at wedding photos, there are people at our wedding we no longer speak to.  There are people who are in are lives today, that were not at our wedding.  There are loved ones who have passed since that magical day.  But the one thing remains true, the love I have for you, Joseph.  It continues to grow and shape into something so special and sacred, I never could have imagined how I would truly feel about the man I'd marry one day.

 While our wild and crazy nights have turned into wild and crazy diaper changes, I wouldn't change a thing.  I look forward to our impromtu date night this evening [thanks Grandma Maria & Grandpa Chris!] and many many more years of wedding bliss.

I love you more than anything!


  1. You were one hot and stunning bride! I loved the memory lane post - such an amazing wedding! Happy anniversary!!!! xoxo

  2. You were a gorgeous bride! I love your shoes & the sparklers, so fun! Happy anniversary to you two!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY .. Have a wonderful day. You looked so pretty on your wedding day. I love your wedding video its just like a music video great idea. :O)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! You were a beautiful bride! I LOVED your hair!

  5. Happy anniversary! Love the cake.

  6. Gorgeous wedding! Happy Anniversary!!

  7. I LOVED this sweet post! Thank goodness for instagram so that I can stay up to date on your life since I don't have time to read blogs like I used to! You guys are the cutest!!


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