Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
I'm getting my hairrrrr diddd today and I'm so excited for some QT with my therapist hairdresser.
Hubs was out of the house on his day off before 8am, since he is all about this rental property business.
I made him a quick egg breakfast and off he went! 
We'll meet up at the hair salon because he goes there too--we'll do a switcharoo with the bella bambina!
What are your plans this gorgeous Friday?
Onto my faves of the week!

I totally ordered this pretty tote with a big old pink D on it. 
I'm excited to keep it in my truck!

These two are a hoot.
They're like two peas in a pod.
I can't get enough of them!!
She loves her daddy, and daddy sure loves her!!
She was an angel as I filled out all my paperwork to get my new ride...

I was not in the mood to cook a big meal, so when in doubt?
Organic chicken wings from BJ's
My mother-in-law's homemade caponata
and of course tomatoes, olives, cheese & sopressata
[I had a lame salad]

My favorite product so far is the Catalyst--
I swear I am seeing my post baby belly shrink as I type this!!
But no, really...
I've been taking it one week and I can already tell a difference.  
I'm taking it every day, even if I hadn't gotten to work out.
I am trying my best to eat healthy and move, but a little extra boost is certainly helping!
Bye bye belly fat!

Last but not least, here is my new ride!!
I went with the white because it just looks so sharp;
Thank you baby!!
I cannot wait to get out and drive it today!!

What's your Five on Friday??


  1. Nice ride mama!!! YAY for catalyst! I hope you took before and afters! :) Have fun at the salon for some You time!

  2. glad the Spark is making you feel better... Nice ride... Its nice to have a SUV with a baby. I love my Jeep I got when Julian was born

  3. Nice wheels! I'm diggin' the white color--very fresh and clean.

  4. I love the utility tote...I use it as our pool bag. Fits floaties, towels, and everything else we may need.

    I'm an Advocare fan too. Catalyst works wonders! How are you liking the watermelon spark? I'm a fruit punch girl but have been hearing such good things about the watermelon that I think it's time I ordered some.

    Love your new car! We have a Tahoe too. It's the perfect size for our family -- especially when we travel.

  5. i love the new ride! so jealy! but you deserve it mama! Oh and i can't wait to stop bf'ing so I can start on your advocare plan!


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