Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th and Beyond!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!!

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We enjoyed having Joe home Thursday-Sunday.  We spent the 4th here at home and had a few friends over. It was low key, drama free, and perfect.

It was so fun to have baby girl with us to celebrate Independence day.  We picked up this little onesie in Lake George on our vacation. It's a 12 month (they were out of the 9 month size) and only a little big! 

She can go backwards, not forward yet...

 And a throwback:
Last year 3.5 months prego:

 vs. this year almost 6 months post-partum

I am definitely still working towards my goal weight etc. but I am still so amazed at what our bodies are made to do.  I just need to stay positive, focused, workout, and make healthy eating choices and I'll get there...eventually!

Shorts: Guess
Shoes: Lucky Brand @VS
Shirt: Pink @ VS 
Red lipstick: BE 
{I never wear red, but I figured if any day was an appropriate day, 7.4 would be!}
[And after I took this pic, I figured it'd be smart to apply some Jergens to my ghost legs, yikes!]

The menu was fairly typical at our house: Grilled chicken wings, sirloin burgers, hots & Italian Sausages.  What did you dine on?

My husband and his best friend Chris are like little kids on Christmas when it comes to July 4th.  In fact, Chris likes to claim that it's his birthday...

They have a tradition of creating "boards" for a firework display.  Even the town cops stopped by to enjoy our show!  They were actually kind of cool about everything and no one got in trouble.  No harm was done, all was well and it was a festive day indeed!

{I vined a little bit that day...check my silly videos out here}

We had some lazy mornings.

Friday morning I escaped for a quick pedicure and a Trader Joe's run.  

Joe went out and brought back some Panera breakfast sandwiches Saturday morning and we watched a movie while Brooke took her morning nap. It was like a mini vacation!!

 We went out for lunch, had a family trip to Wal-Mart and had a Mexican feast with my sister & her husband Saturday night.  {I never take enough pics!! Awful.}

Sunday morning I made a country breakfast: Eggs over easy, sausage patties, hashbrowns...

And all day Sunday we really did nothing just because we could.  My foot has been hurting to walk on since Tuesday.  I'll have to call the Podiatrist because it's not really getting better.   Joe found these, and they do seem to help, but the pain is still there on the outside of my right foot under the ankle.  I did the machine thing (Dr. Scholl's) and it says I have high arches...either way, we couldn't do any hiking/walking/super fun things because I am falling apart haha!

It's probably bad that I walk around barefoot all the time and I need to get better "House Shoes" with arch support or wear these.  I am hoping to get answers soon.   I can't stand not being able to walk normally!! I've also been hit with a summer cold--the worst! So it was a very laid back day with a whole lotta nothing happening here. 

How was your 4th? Did you get a long weekend? 


  1. Lookslike a great holiday weekend!

  2. Love Brooke's 4th outfit! So cute!!

  3. You are beautiful and look great!! I love both your 4th outfits - you and B! Great photos - that lounging pic of your 2 loves is adorable!!

  4. Brooke's onesie is precious & you look great girl!

  5. Lazy mornings are the best! And it looks like you had an awesome holiday. Hope your foot feels better soon.

  6. Brooke's onesie is soo cute! And you're totally one hot mama!!

  7. omgosh brookie is getting so big! look at her in that walker!

  8. You look great!! Love the red lip!!

  9. great photos of Brooke. Hope you feel better your body changes after a baby. I have pain in my whole right side and my toes swell up. :O(.

  10. ok, what are these foot things? I have bad feet from standing all day everyday!

  11. Ok what are these feet things? I have bad feet, from standing all day so Im curious.


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