Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who's Comin With Me?!

OK, sorry...we are not actually going anywhere, but rather challenging ourselves to be the best we can be.  I know it's not for everyone, but I am super confident that this is for me!

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I have been feeling awesome in so many ways, since I've become an AdvoCare Distributor.  Hands down, the best thing about this entire company? The people.  I have listened to, talked with, emailed, text, facebooked, you name it, and there are people there to support little old me.

I love the way I feel after a good workout, but I don't always love making myself work out. I need motivation and I need to see results for me to keep coming back for more.

More than anything, I don't love the way I look. Or feel.

Want to really shake yourself? Take a photo of yourself in a bikini.

HUGE wake up call.

I'm not even ready to share those photos. They are classified at the moment.  Maybe when I have something worth showing off, I'll share!

I felt like I was kind of floundering around; I want to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, and I also want to look even better!!  I have been following Danielle and Nikki for awhile now, and knew as soon as I was done nursing my little girl, I would be ready to follow in their footsteps. Both of these women look and feel incredible.  They are passionate and supportive, and love helping others reach their full potentials. I wish I could talk to them all day!!

I want to be the best mommy, wifey, friend, sister, daughter, and overall person that I can be.  I have so much to offer in this beautiful thing called life, I just feel compelled to share my experiences and hope to inspire others to find themselves happy and healthy once again too.

I strongly believe everyone needs to find what works for her.  I feel so empowered already, I cannot wait to see what August 1st brings me.

Starting August 1st right now I have two people challenging themselves alongside me.  We welcome anyone else to this challenge, to be the best possible self she can be. It's gonna take some discipline and hard work, but I am ready for some amazing results!

24 Day Challenge

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What comes with this challenge?
1 Herbal Cleanse - citrus
1 Omegaplex
2 boxes of Spark packets
1 MNS Max 3
1 Meal Replacement Shakes - Choose from Berry, Chocolate, or Vanilla (these are for last 14 days)

If you do a little reading, you'll see that the MNS packets, are FULL of good supplements {omegas, vitamins etc}

How much?
 Retail: $190.25

Whoa that's a lot of money.  Yup, it sure is! But if you break it down, you're looking at $8 a day.  On the challenge, there won't be any Starbucks trips (gasp, I know!) There won't be stopping at a fast food joint to just grab a snack.  There won't be any going out for an ice cream.  All of that adds right up, and sometimes I bet we spend more than $8 and sabotage our health. I've done it. I'm guilty.  No wonder the pounds won't budge!

I figure anyone can do 24 days.  It's not even a month.

Sure it means, no alcohol, no coffee, no cupcakes, no cookies, no ice cream.

It's 24 days. I can eat ice cream on day 25 if I really am dying for some!!

And the drinking?  I went 9 months, I think I can handle 24 days.

Coffee? I know I have spark, but that will be challenging for me, I think. I love my coffee. I love everything about it.  I didn't drink it the first trimester of being prego because it made me nauseous, but I eventually I enjoyed a cup a day.  So, yes I will be documenting my coffee issues!!

What if I'm going on vacation?  Well, to be honest, we are going away for a weekend.  I'll just "eat clean" at whatever restaurants we go to.  Most places have salad and veggie options, lean proteins and there is always sushi!! Just can't have the rice--so I'll drizzle lemon on raw salmon = AMAZING.  I could go for some now!

Here's an awesome break down of what foods to buy at the grocery store for the challenge, and what to eat out at restaurants.  There is no gimmick; it's just real food people!!

Grocery List/Eating at restaurants

I love that this company promotes clean eating.  They even encourage you to eat actual food, not just their meal replacements.  One a day is fine, especially when you're busy and don't have the time, but the other 4 meals?  REAL FOOD.  Not processed. Not refined. Not stuffed with antibiotics and garbage.  Simple, clean, real food.

The fact of the matter is, until we are actually ready, we will come up with a million excuses as to why we "can't".  When we are ready to make the choice to change, all you need to remember in your mind is, "There is no other option."   Just clear your mind of all the reasons why you can't, and just focus on why you can be healthy.

If you are nursing and hoping to jump on this challenge, that is awesome. BUT, please just favorite this page and come back to it when you are done. I don't want you to miss out on what's really important--feeding your little one mama's milk!! You can always do the challenge later.  I will be here cheering you on when you are ready to lose those pesky pounds.  Think of me as your Guinea pig.  I am so new to this, I am so thankful for Danielle & Nikki who answer any and all of my questions.

If you're ready to take the challenge, feel free to sign up HERE.  Or there's always the blue Advo button on the right side of my blog.  If you just feel like watching, as always stay tuned in my journey to my best self. I'll be instagramming, facebooking, blogging, journaling & tweeting all about my 24 Day Challenge. I am PSYCHED!


  1. Good for you for stepping up and doing something that makes you feel confident and empowered! Best of luck with your challenge. I'm sure you'll rock it :)

  2. Whoo hoo you go girl! I am so thrilled and proud of you! Cannot wait to see your progress. You can motivate me after this little miss comes and I need to get my body back in shape!!

  3. LOVE every part of this! You are gonna rock this!


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