Sunday, July 7, 2013

We Be Jammin'

Last Sunday my friend Alison and I got together to pick strawberries & to make jam.  We did it last year with my mother-in-law and she got us hooked on this awesome [Pomona] pectin that is waaaaay better than the regular stuff.

People always ask me for my jam recipes.

You can find information/recipes about that [here:]

We had so much fun! We went to a place that really tries not to spray/use pesticides unless it's really necessary.  They're not certified organic, but you can hear the hawk call machines they have set up all over the place. 

Of course we brought our little ones along...

The twins were pretty helpful with the picking for the first bit, then they were awesome keeping miss Brooke company when she began to fuss.

Grace had the quote of the day.  She looks down at her fingertips and says, "Ugh. I really need to re-do my nails."  Her pale pink polished had chipped a bit, and I about died.  I don't know where this girl comes up with these things!

After picking enough strawberries, we went and picked a few Juneberries.  They are very similar to a blueberry, but definitely carry a different flavor.  They're so pretty!

We headed back to Alison's house and started the jam process. It's by no means difficult, but can make a bit of a mess and takes a little time.

My friend Ann told us to try the straw trick...

It worked wonderfully!! You waste way less berry and no knife wounds!

We made about 3 batches, or 15 jars.  We had some leftover to enjoy right away!  We even taste-tested last year's jam to this year's.  We thought this year was even better!

Supplies needed:
Large pot to boil water & sterilize those in
Pot to boil berries
Calcium water, pectin, organic sugar
Tools to remove jars/lids from boiling hot water.

Even Brooke Lynn tried some!

I think it's safe to say she really liked it.

I loved enjoying fresh hand-picked berries every morning this week.  We froze the extras to stick in our smoothies.

What have you canned this year?  I need to break out my "You Can Can" book my MIL bought me for Christmas.  Like I said, it's fairly simple, just a little messy and time consuming. 


  1. This looks like fun. I'd love to pick my own berries & make my own jam!

  2. I would love to make my own jam! I'm a home-made type of person. But, the birds and/or squirrels got to my strawberry patch this year! Ugh.


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