Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Happenings

Holy hottness up here!! It's already feeling so muggy and 80's and it's 9:00......I love it!  Of course, I say that sitting in my AC.

I must say share that the Mango-licous Tilapia I made was SO good! I threw in some avocados to give the salsa more depth, and I am so happy that I did! There is no reason why you couldn't cook up shrimp, chicken or scallops and use this salsa as the topping.  [if you don't like fish]  It was just like being on a tropical island for dinner!  It seriously wasn't hard either! It requires some chopping (I've learned to wear gloves when cutting up jaleponos!!) but so easy to do, and don't forget healthy!

I'm giving the Crockpot Pesto Chicken a whirl tonight; I'll keep you posted!

I'm excited today I'm making a run to a little Italian Cash & Carry with my mother-in-law. I am almost out of EVOO---the horror!  I love going there.  I also love pretending I'm Italian haha.    After that, I think I'll be picking up my new ride!

Tonight I'm attending my friend's Thirty One party.  I have never been to a Thirty One party, but I own a small bag.  It was a gift for my baby shower!  It held a lot of small baby items in the pockets and I love having an extra tote for Brooke.  I was inspired and impressed by this company, so I ended up ordering totes around Christmas time.  One for my mother in law (to keep her sewing items in) and a holiday one for my step-mom. 

My girlfriend Jamie said the utility totes are awesome for the car/boat.  I have been scoping these pretty gems out:

They have such cute and practical stuff! Here's a bottle thermos!

Here's the link if you're looking for any cute totes or bags!  It's never too early to think about Christmas shopping!!  Also, it's spend $31, save 31% in July.  Woo hoo for deals! 

Everyone can use an extra storage bin or bag, why not make it a cute one? {And get your Christmas shopping started in July!!}


  1. Have fun at the Thirty One party! I love their stuff, perfect for organizing.

  2. Love the large utility tote! I have found about a million uses for mine! I may need another in that fabulous chevron pattern! :)


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