Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrating as Husband & Wife


Have I mentioned how much I love summer? Yes, I do believe that I have.  Wednesday night my husband and I got to go out on a real date sans Brooke! We were totally going to just bring her along and go some place to eat [which is cool] but my in-laws asked last minute if we needed/wanted a sitter--woop woop!

We were able to drop off little miss for a few short hours and celebrate being husband and wife, not just mommy and daddy.  It's so important to make that time and just celebrate the two of you.  We hadn't been out since May, since June was so crazy, so this was much needed. Thank you so so so much Maria & Chris aka Grandma & Grandpa!!

So I broke out one of these bad boys as I dolled myself up... I kind of prefer them to the lime ones!

*You know you're a mommy when...

You go and pluck your eyebrows, and you realize how over-grown they are.  I'm talking caterpillars, people. Like I didn't even know where to begin.  I frantically made a last minute appointment with my eyebrow lady and even she was like, "Whoa, I can tell you're a mom now! I've never seen them this bad!!  I'll leave them a little fuller for you to try..."

You get one coat of pale pink polish on....and that's it. haha!   #lame #whybother

You didn't get to blow dry your hair.

You just throw on as much makeup as you can, as fast as you can, before baby starts crying.

I found one dress that I felt comfortable in and it was very forgiving.  I pulled out these bad boys Joe bought me to wear for my 27th birthday.  {sidenote: I've been wearing sneakers around the house instead of barefeet and my foot feels SO much better FYI!!}

ignore the sock lines haha
Me currently.  I need some "before shots...more on that later!"

I chose this tucked away gem down in our city's "Southwedge".  As for the atmosphere, well it was a Wednesday night and I'm all about energy, and it was rather quiet.  It is a rather old building, so I felt like my husband and I were giants walking in, as it's in the basement.  They've certainly tried to not make it feel like a basement, but it wasn't super fancy and glamorous.  It was nice though!

The table.

The drinks:
The martini had rosemary simple syrup and the bubbly drink was citrus vodka, st. germain and sparkling wine I believe?  They were good, but I'm a wino. What can I say?

The appetizers:  Grilled chicken wings and Duck liver pate.

His dinner: Spicy Jerk pork & oxtail---far too spicy for my liking! Very Jamaican.

I had a fantastic pan-seared halibut with fresh veggies in truffles. It really was so good!

We weren't out late but it was nice to sneak off mid-week and enjoy dinner, just us two.

I had lunch with my mother in law yesterday.  Well, rather I ate while she held/played with Brooke!
creeping toes

Hubby brought us flowers home yesterday.

I walked the baby finally feeling good enough about my foot!

And I took in as much Vitamin D as I could!

We have an exciting night tomorrow, as my good friend Matty is moving to we are gathering for a birthday/going away party at one of our favorite restaurant/bars.  We get take out the two-seater and hopefully stay out past 9pm haha!  I feel like we won the lotto, getting this many date nights this month! {Plus my birthday in a few weeks--woo hoo!}

I'm off to the mall, in hopes of finding something cute to wear. Wish me luck!!

What are your plans this summer weekend?


  1. You look beautiful!!! So glad you got a night out with your hubby. Well deserved. :)

  2. Girl you are working that sexy milf status!! Your night sounds fun!! Love those creeping toes!!


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