Wednesday, June 25, 2014

11 Weeks

I am feeling SO much better these days! I am still really tired, but the nausea has subsided I do believe! I am craving good, healthy foods---like desperately need Thursday to get here so I can stock up on fruits/veggies from our CSA/Farmer's market.  I am dying to juice!! I need lemons, ginger, greens, beets, apples--in ma belly!

Tuesday we had a checkup to hear the heartbeat--so I took some photos to document.

I then went back and found the photo of myself I took on the first day we heard Brooke's little heartbeat.  I wore the same skirt for good luck ;)

I think I'm already carrying a little differently, but I also know that I weighed almost 10 pounds less when I got pregnant this time than I did with Brooke. Since I was #stmartinbikinibody and all that jazz.

I don't think my rump is growing with my bump, so that's interesting!!!
On the way to the Dr, I was looking for a donation box for our clothes that have been riding around forever.  I had NO idea one of these bad boys opened up right around the corner from my Dr's.

So. Good!  I hadn't had one since college. I only got one and it was totally worth it.

I got a little frustrated because we waited a half an hour for the Dr…and trying to entertain a 17 month old who hates sitting still, was rather tricky.  We played peek-a-boo, I changed her diaper, she watched MMC, and ate snacks.

All for a 2 min checkup to hear the most amazing little sound of a new heartbeat.  It was 155 and totally made me tear up.

I actually worked out yesterday too which is amazing because I have felt so terrible these last few weeks.  I can totally feel it today!  My thighs are burning, my arms and back are sore and I am ready to just rest, since we just spent the day at the Museum of Play. 

I'm excited to get into the second trimester and continue to watch the bump grow!  I definitely show earlier than others, but this time I definitely feel like I have a baby belly now.  How fun!  Do you find that most people show early or most show late? I always compare my bump to others...

Here's a vlog I made on Sunday updating my pregnancy.  


  1. How sweet to hear the baby's heartbeat. I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first and hearing that sound for the first time was the best ever!

  2. yay I'm so happy for you guy... you look so pretty

  3. You are adorable!! And it really is amazing to see how different you look this time around in the pregnancy. Advocare has been so good to you!!! Yay for hearing the heartbeat :-D

  4. Cutest little bump ever!! LOVE it! :)


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