Friday, June 13, 2014

We are Having another Baby!!

So, as per the usual, my hubby likes to tell the world as soon as possible that we are preggars! {Ya, I'm totally not offended by saying "we are pregnant" Sorry Mila. It took two to tango, and I have bigger fish to fry than being upset about that.

Anyway! It was just before our faaaaabulous St. Martin getaway that something just felt, different.   Looking at back at some posts, it 's actually rather comical.  I really stepped back from other areas in my life and innately felt the need to just focus on Brooke. Intuition much? [here] I also wrote a post about how fun it was going to be going away with hubby without kid(s). [here] Ha!  So let's take a look back, shall we?

End of April/First week of May

Week 3 - Tuesday night I took a test, but it was negative. I had been feeling tired more than anything and didn't want sushi [what?!]  I was kind like ok, I just have a feeling…but when it didn't show 2 lines, I thought, huh, ok…I guess I just need more sleep?!  I am VERY in-tune with my body, which is great, but the slightest thing throws me and I know something is up.

Week 4-That Saturday I was feeling kinda crampy [tmi] and still felt sooooo tired. I had one more test left and after running to the store for a bunch of things, I reeeeally had to go, so I quickly did my biz on the stick and set it by the garbage because I figured it would say no…

But it didn't.  The faintest of lines showed up and although faint, it was still a line. I quickly face timed Joe and showed him and his words were, "GO GET A DIGITAL" haha, gotta love men.  So I packed Brooke back into the car, ran to Walgreens, grabbed an expensive digital and came home, only to find, yes dear, we are having another baby!!

Mind you, this was, as I kept referring to it, "The perfect storm."  My sister had her birthday and we were all going out; we had a beach vacation (to St. Martin no less) planned, and it was the month of April/May.  I was eating SUPER clean, like virtually no drinking, no cheat meals, as I was planning to splurge on vacay.  I was also working out 1-2 times a day.  I did the SAME thing when I got pregnant with Brooke!! Something tells me there just may be a coincidence there...

OH yes, because the really funny part?  Baby #2 is due the day before Brooke's second birthday.  Who does that?! Haha apparently we do.  She was acting extra goofy right before we left, maybe she knew something was up?!

Monday we took off for vacation and thank goodness, although tired at night (like 9pm bed time) I felt GREAT!  A few times I thought I wanted fish, but then smelled it and didn't want it…but other than that, no real aversions, nausea etc.

Week 5- Saturday (my weeks roll over on Saturday) I started feeling icky.  I don't know why but the smells in my home (kitchen especially) really get to me. I started infusing my lemon and peppermint essential oils and I really believe they help… I napped every day and was in bed early.  I would force myself to eat my 'normal' routine 6 clean meals a day, but then I just started feeling so awful..

I did make ONE vlog so far--I want to make more I have just been feeling so gross, it hasn't happened.

Week 6- I pretty much started spending more time on the couch.  I feel bad I felt so sick and couldn't play more with Brooke, but I know I have to listen to my body and grow this second bean!  I don't want anything I cook. I can barely cook; when I do it's windows, vents, fans, etc.  Other than that I can eat takeout, and I know that's not the healthiest, but man…it has been brutal!! It's been different this time than with Brooke because I will get nausea AFTER I eat, and with Brooke I felt sick if I didn't eat.  So it didn't matter what I was eating, but about 20 minutes later, I'd be feeling so ill.

Week 7- More bad days than good; MMC has become a lifesaver and I just cannot wait until Joe comes home or if my sister offers to help out with Brooke!  I try not to let feel guilty, but it stinks not being "the best mom" to Brooke [in my head] while I feel like poo.  I know it will pass soon!

Week 8- Our first Ultrasound!!  We had it on a Wednesday and we were so excited to be able to see baby this early on!  With Brooke we didn't get a look until 12 weeks, but this time my Dr had the equipment to do it early.  Nothing sweeter than seeing that lumpy little image on the screen! I didn't hear the heartbeat, but we saw that it was 163 and you could see it flickering! It was so cool.  I have been feeling better--as long as I eat well. If I have anything that is not really healthy I feel sick, so that's good.

OMG We are having another bebe!!!

Week 9-  Takes us to this week. I am noticing if I overdo it one day (like don't nap) then the next day I feel sick…so I try to really rest a lot, which is SO HARD for me. I am always doing something, but I know I need to listen to my body.  I seriously feel like a sloth laying on the couch watching tv or reading, but it is what it is. A few more weeks and I'll feel better I know it!  I also feel my worst at night; in fact the mornings are where I feel my best! I am trying to really utilize that time and take Brooke to different library classes and story times to get her out of the house…so that later on when I don't feel well, I can rest.

I will admit this week has been long, mostly because Joe's working his crazy June Tent Sale and it's what he refers to as his "Superbowl".  They sell an insane amount of cars in a short amount of time, which means lots of financing to do for these people!! I love how excited he gets and I am very supportive; the paycheck is worth it in the end…but we miss him!  TWO DAYS LEFT.  Woop!

I feel my best in the morning so I try to get the most housework and I have even tried getting Brooke out and about first thing.  It's hard though, because girlfriend loves her morning nap.  She can skip her afternoon nap, but missing the morning really throws her off and so I try not to do it every day.

Loves: Lemonade, early on it was fried chicken (say whaaa?) sour prego pops, grandma's meatballs, and I am still jonesing for my mother in law's chicken French!!

Turn-off: Strong smells--all my bath and body lotions are too much, the dogs both had baths I couldn't take them any longer, changing Brooke's poopy diapers, cooking--especially garlic/onion… I can do eggs, but I have to have the vent on and window open.

So I am not sure how I will document baby #2…maybe a little vlog maybe mini weekly updates. I love looking back on my pregnancy with Brooke and seeing how I felt, so it will be great to compare the two.

There ya have it folks, we are just doing our thang up here in New York!! I am so excited to have a family of four. I truly believe it will make ourselves feel complete…or will there be a third baby? Haha who knows.  Let's get through this one first.  I am thinking a family of four may be just perfect for us.

TGIF my friends!!  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Oh my gosh, girl! CONGRATS!!!!! :) So so happy for you and your family!!!

  2. So happy for you all! Love that so many of us are having our seconds so close together!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! I was so excited when I saw this on IG!

  4. YAY congratulations!!! Been waiting for this :')

  5. I am so stinkin excited for you guys! I can not wait for you to be feeling better! Miss our daily chats! xoxo

  6. So excited for you!! congratulations!!

  7. yayaya! i love that none of the tests worked! lol Almost already through the first trimester! I feel like you just texted me the news yesterday!

  8. Seriously soooo happy for you!!! :-D And hey, maybe it's a BOY if you're feeling different than with Brooke ;)

  9. Soo excited for you!!! Love that you found out before you went away!!

  10. I know I told you already, but I am so super excited for you girl!! Brooke is going to be such an awesome big sister!


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