Saturday, June 14, 2014

A New Summer Do and Brooke Pics

And in other news…

I chopped my hair off!!

I really love it! My hair is so thick that it was seriously weighing me down.  Now?  I feel so light and like I have so much time to spare!  I kept seeing this "long angled bob"where it was a little longer in the front and shorter to the back.  I thought it was just so cute.  I will admit I miss seeing my long hair all done up, curled and pretty.  Buuuuut that happened like, only on special occasions [Easter was the last time I curled it] and for the most part, it was tangled, messy and just blah looking to me. So now I feel brand new!  I am sure that my hair will grow SUPER fast with my pregnancy, as it did with Brooke.  Plus, my Omegaplex and Coreplex with Iron certainly help!!

I've only actually blow dried it like 3 times, which proves again why I drastically needed help!! I chose not to highlight my hair until after the first trimester, so I think it actually helps hide my roots a bit by going shorter.

I think I'll actually style it today, as it's 50 degrees and this weather has me thinking apple pies and pumpkin spice everything. Say whaaaa?  I just was getting into the lemonade kick…come on mother nature!  Looks like sweats for today...

I am always trying to capture special moments and I promise myself to get better at using my big girl camera…for now these are just from the iPhone but super cute pics from the last week.

Brooke and my sister at my dad's.

I just love trying to get down to her level and capturing what she sees life like.

She rode her first "ride" at the mall the other day. She liked it!

She loves playing outside.

Drawing on the new driveway!

Girl loves a popsicle.  She's really good at eating them too!

And I need to remind myself of this constantly, so I know other women need to hear it too.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh girl, I feel the same way about the weather here--it's like Friday night Football weather!!!! LOVE the hair--totally perfect for you whether it's summer or not!! And I looove your necklace--where's it from!? I can't believe how big Brooke is getting!!!

  2. Brooke is just the cutest!! She is going to be such a good big sister. I feel you on the hair girlfriend. Mine is SO incredibly thick and curly. But not like cute curly where I can just leave it, more like annoying curly where I either have to curl it with a curling iron or straighten it. I cut my hair to my shoulders once and HATED it. Seriously. Cried like a it will be a while before I do that again. But you look fab!!!

  3. LOVE the hair cut! I wanna cut mine but SOMEBODY will pitch a fit.


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