Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

Just a quick hello!!  I'd say we had a great week.  The weather has gone from hot and humid to cool and breezy.  I like both, so that's ok with me!  Not a ton of plans for the weekend. We have to show our rental property to get that thing rented for July, so Joe is busy with that.  Otherwise I have items to be grilled and a deck to lounge on.


I made myself sit for a timeout and finish a collage. I've always had a creative side, I just don't always let myself tap into it.  I ripped some things out of magazines when we went away on vacation, and finally just cut and pasted them to a scrapbook sheet.  It makes me smile and a nice little reminder of how fun Summer will be.  I look forward to staying really healthy this pregnancy and hope this continues to inspire me!


On those hot and humid days, we pulled the sprinkler out, watered our plants, and even played in the rain when it briefly came down!  This was my favorite day.  I love this little dress we got her in St. Martin. Barefoot. Sweaty. Soaking wet from the water.  Love love love summertime.


Thursday was our first day to grab our CSA bag at our local farm market.  It's cool because they hold it right at the local mall parking lot and there are tons of vendors.  I may have made a pitstop at the Bux before we went and lil miss had her first cake pop. Cue: she was covered in pink goo in no time.

I am so excited to have this little tradition with my kid(s)--whoa!  I think it will be so fun as they get older to experience this each year.

My husband actually met the lady who runs this local farm and I SO SO thankful he did! They are a super sweet family and all of their practices are very old school, traditional, no nonsense farming!  This was our first share!  They are not certified organic, but if you know anything about farming, sometimes even certified organic farmers use sprays…no bueno.  So this family know what's up and keeping junk off their food is their number one priority!

We did a CSA two years ago, but it was totally different. We got a lot of random stuff and really no fruit. I can tell you that this quality is already much better and I swear the strawberries are sweeter, juicier and way better than Wegmans or Trader Joe's. I know this for a fact, because I have all three in my fridge.  Well, the ones from this farm are mostly gone because lil miss and I ate a few…I am totally craving all things healthy---YAY!


Date night!  We had our first night out in awhile and left Brooke with a real babysitter; like legit paid someone! I feel so old haha. Usually family or friends watch her, but it just worked out and I think everyone had a ball!

Joe planned the night and picked out the restaurant himself. It was really good!  We went to Rooney's as I have never been and it had been years since he had gone.  It was tucked away in a quiet part of the city, and had that traditional/classic feel.  The food was delicious and I want to go back when I'm not pregnant to dive into all the foods I cannot eat!

I broke into my maternity gear, as it was a little chilly for dresses and I really don't have a lot of regular clothes because I've been prego or fat the last few years and I need some new tops….but since I'm prego again, I just went with this.  I think it's cute.

Oh hey there bitty bump!
10 weeks 5 days


I just stepped out for my first "me" time in a few weeks. It was short and sweet, but did just the trick.  I am loving this new coral with sparkles gel.

Little things to make me happy!

What are you up to this Friday??

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  1. You look awesome as usual! Can't wait to follow this pregnancy! :) That produce looks awesome! Love local grown stuff.


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