Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Story: A Picnic

I saw this quote online and it just really got me thinking…

What will our summer story be??  I don't want to be heading into Fall and upset that we didn't "do enough Summer" if ya know what I mean.  So I made sure to make shit happen this weekend!  OK, Sunday really, since Saturday Joe worked all day, came home a little late and I threw together the laziest dinner ever!   I had the grilled chicken (just re-heat and serve) from Trader Joe's.  Broccoli with lemon and butter [obsessed lately] and rice.  I may have made some brownies for dessert too.

We were asleep on the couch before 10.

Sunday we got up and I made pancakes with bacon.  A little weekend treat!   Joe headed out early to set up for our rental open house, I actually curled my hair--whoa--and packed a picnic lunch in a cooler for us to enjoy after the open house.  I was determined to start making the most of Summer!

We hung out while Daddy showed the house.  I think we found the perfect renter; yay!

Shirt made by Leah @Simply Made with Love

It was perfect day! Sunny with a breeze. 

We found a perfect little spot to have our little lunch.  We were hungry bears!!

I kept it simple with pb&j, grapes, and chex mix.  Can't really go wrong with that.

Brooke is totally in the monkey see monkey do stage, but she doesn't like sitting still. So she peaced out when I laid down.

Joe said it looked like I was doing Yoga here haha.

The sun felt great and spending time just us three, with no real rush to be anywhere was just what we needed.

When we got home, Brooke took a little nap, I got to read little more in the sun and we barbecued for dinner.  




I love that we have already started writing, our summer story.

Now to do the dishes that I ignored yesterday and get some things at the store that we've literally run out of.  It was good to "take a day off" yesterday. Our souls needed it.

How was your weekend?

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