Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day

As I sit and finalize this post, I just have to comment how warm and nice it is! I can hear the PE class out back (we live near a high school) and they must be doing the mini ropes course.  Pretty soon we won't hear anything, as school will be out.  But I remember the moments between now and then; the longing to be on vacation, while finalizing another in the books.  

But now my days consist of playing with blocks, choo-choo, wiping dirty hands, singing nursery rhymes, and cleaning up the endless random toys and things strewn about my house.  Right now it's the bucket of K-cups she found in the cupboard.

I love it.

Anyway…my post for today.

Father's Day is a little tricky.  

It's the "last day" of the tent sale shenans, and basically Joe gets up super early to go move cars and put his store office back together.  I would much prefer wake up and make a lazy breakfast, full of applewood smoked bacon, muffins, sausage, eggs and blueberry pancakes, but that will just have to be for another random Sunday. 

For now?  We get all of Joe's gifts and cards ready and impatiently wait for him to return.  

This year it was a pair of Under Armor shorts [similar to the pair Brooke got him last year] some big league chew, and a homemade desk calendar I did on Snapfish.  

Oh, and baby #2 got him a picture frame to be properly displayed in the home!

To say he liked the calendar, is an understatement.  I try to match up the pictures from the previous year (or two) and it's just a cool reflection of how big Brooke's gotten and some wonderful memories that were made.

The silly burger card? Brooke picked that out all by herself!!

She wrote on the envelope.

And diligently signed her card.

Little miss decides to start doing cute poses for the camera! "Cheese", as she shovels cheese in her mouth!

After the unveiling of the gifts, Joe really wanted to go checkout the latest fixer upper that is ready to be rented out!  My man just loves to work, and it was "his day" so off we went.

Prior to leaving, I made sure to say, "Brooke and I will need to eat within the hour, as it's around noon. Should I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?"

"No, no we will just grab a bite."


3 1/2 hours later…

I tell myself and my mother in law, next time I will make the damn sandwiches!! I was so hungry and Brooke missed her nap, but we made it through the day.

I vowed not to bitch, since it was Father's Day, but I know better than to not eat a meal or bring one along!!

Some shots of the rental.

I think it has a lot of potential and tons of charm.

My father in law and brother in law did a lot of the work and they did so great!

It's so awesome to see a complete dump turn into a cute home for a new family to rent.

Snacking on the last bits of treats I brought…

Monkey See Monkey Do.

I'm not sure if we have ever all been together on Father's Day, so it was nice to see everyone.

Oh yeah, do you see what I see?  My belly is already huge. ::: cue the next long 30 weeks of, "Oh wow you're gonna have a big baby!" Yes, it's already been said to me, and yes I am going to give birth to a big baby.

My belly just loves to grow, what can I say? C'est la vie.

Joe's eyes are shut for most of the photos, and Brooke lasted only a few...

Brooke and Grandma: Belly button!

She's starting to imitate what we do, so that was pretty cute.

We ran for burgers for a late lunch, came home and tried relax a bit.  It was almost weird having Joe home, as it's been so long since he's been here in day light!  

While it wasn't picturesque, it was perfect for us.  Seeing him at all, even if for only part of the day, was worth it.   I won't lie; I look forward to some lazy summer Sundays head though!  I see beach trips, walks in the park, and lounging on our back deck in our future.

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