Monday, June 16, 2014

On the Brink of Summer

Warm weather just screams popsicle time, no?

She gives such serious looks, I was so happy to capture a little of her silliness to shine through.

That's definitely a look she most likely got from me…

I had so much fun taking Brooke to the garden store.  We picked out some plants for our pots on the back deck.  She loves to "pick them" and we are working on just smelling them.

 Holly on watch.

Our makeshift "water table" turned into a hat.

I love my back deck!


Saturday morning: [after breakfast, hence messy face]

She discovered how fun it is to pose, smile, and say cheese for the camera!

I am BEYOND ecstatic.

We headed to my Dad and Step-mom's for the day, hoping for a pool day but it was more like Fall. So we donned sweatshirts and still made the best of it.

My niece is so grown up!

Starting Kindergarten in the Fall.

 Brooke just adores Adrianna.  She just wants to follow her around and hold her hand…Adri doesn't really want much to do with her; so we are working on that.

The swing.

Nana helping her out.

Brooke's learning to push the foot pedal to make it go!

We had a delicious lunch of homemade chicken salad on a croissant.  Seriously delish and satisfied this prego's tastebuds.  It was so nice to sit down with my Dad and see him a little bit, since he too tends to work quite a lot, just like Joe.

This little ham enjoyed her ham and cheese on a croissant.  Where did my baby go?

See what I mean? She has found the love for posing for the camera.  No clue where she gets it from.

[said in a sarcastic tone, for those who don't know me in real life]

I am so full of happiness and love; memories being made and we are on the brink of my favorite season: Summer.  I know this will be such a wonderful one.  And just to think, next year I will have TWO babes to enjoy it with!

As for now, we will soak up every precious moment of enjoying this little girl.  Everyone asks me if she's always this happy, and the answer is yes.  She is just a happy kid, but why shouldn't she be?  Why shouldn't we all just simply be happy? Yes she has moments, like all of us, but we awaken each morning with smiles and hugs, and each night peaceful kisses and sweet dreams to slumber with. She is seriously the light of my life and now that Joe's tent sale is over, I am so happy to have our family back together.  And though rather tough at times, I know that it just being Brooke and I helped develop a deeper bond between the two of us.  I am happy I am surviving this first trimester, chasing after a toddler, and virtually on my own for two weeks.  Just like that, this too has become just a memory.

Well done Jenn, well done.

Can I put my feet up now?

Just kidding…off to play with "choo choo" now.


  1. Oh my gosh, her sweet little face and curls just KILL me! I'm on this kick where I want to make a million homemade popsicles! I finally got my molds... now I just need to take them out of the box and actually put my thoughts into actions! Because yes, warm weather screams popsicles!

  2. She is soo cute!! Look at those eyes!!
    Love summertime as well - I know you can make memories all year round, but the summer ones seem to stick out to me.
    Love all the pics!!

  3. That precious face and curls and popsicle!! LOVE it all. Bring on the summer!!


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