Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cloud Dough & Play Dough {Sensory Activities}

Since not feeling so hot, I have slacked on my sensory bins.  The mommy guilt of watching way too much TV because I feel so ill, pushes me so if I do feel well, to do something creative.  I did manage to whip up two new activities for Brooke and she loves them!

Cloud Dough

It's just flour and oil.  They say you can use baby oil, apparently it smells great?  I just used vegetable oil since she still tends to explore with her mouth.  I also used a few drops of lavender essential oil to smell nice and soothing.

Warning:  It's addicting to play with, I'm talking to you mamas!  It's also ver messy. I would advise grabbing a $1 store tablecloth and using that outside---unless you want your husband to squawk about making pizza dough in the front lawn if it rains!!!

I chose not to use any tools, as I read something about the tools can take away from the hands exploration?  I kinda see that.  I just wanted her to play with it and feel the smooth textures and let her fingers run through it.

She really just wanted to dump it out of the bin onto the grass, so maybe a larger bin or two would work best.  It was cool though!


Cloud Dough
4 cups of flour
1/2 oil
a few drops of essential oil

You can google this and find tons of variations.  I just kept it simple.

We also made play dough and she LOVED it!  Of course she did.  I remember my mom making me play dough and loving it!! 

The first thing she did was put it in her mouth, which is exactly why I wanted to make it rather than buy something toxic. 

It was raining outside, so we played with it inside, on a table cloth.  She also does well at the high chair.

Now I want to get glitter and spice things up a bit! I also ran out of salt, so I would like to try another batch.

What are you doing to entertain your toddlers these days? I would love to know!!

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