Saturday, May 2, 2015


Once upon a time, I met a man who, let's say, pushed me out of my comfort zone.   Since the day we met, I quickly learned that our entire life could (and would) be an adventure.  From simple Sundays to lavish vacations, we are constantly exploring, taking chances and living our dream life!! I don't think I have ever heard my husband say, "I am bored" and I know that I have not uttered those words since I have met him.  That is how I know I met the right "one."  {well, for many reasons, but for sure, his passion for life and adventure is a sure catch!}

I have always been one to want to try new things, take chances and put myself out there.  Sometimes I need a push, but I know that in some form or another, I am always grateful for any adventure I have embarked upon.  

Lately "adventures" may be more like filling up a tumbler with a beverage that may resemble pinot grigio and having my husband chauffeur us around to Target, the Dry Cleaner's and the grocery store.  Seriously, if you feel like you're a bit in a lull, go grocery shopping after a glass of vino. (obvs no drinkie and drivie) but it honestly felt like a mini vacation. It was quite fun to spruce up the mundane chore of buying food and make it a bit more lively.

Like I have mentioned before, my husband is constantly working on something, and so his ideas are nothing less than an adventure!  It takes guts, hard work and tons of motivation/dedication, and each day we spend together leads to something new.

We have had tons of vacation adventures, from Caribbean islands, Mexico, Toronto, LA, South Carolina, Europe, we have traveled many places and see so many amazing sites.  I know we have barely even stuck our feet in the waters in which we will travel.   Visiting other places does so much for a person's soul.  Our first vacation was a cruise, just after knowing each other for a month!  Many people would say we were crazy, which I agree, we were…but when you're in close quarters with a person on a ship, you quickly learn that you love or want to leave.  Clearly you can see what we chose.

8 years in a relationship,
5 years married this July.
Two dogs, now one,
and two beautiful children
My adventure has just gotten started.

When I was single, and completely obsessed with SATC, I LOVED this quote:

I truly felt in my heart, I knew there just had to be someone out there for me.  I never wanted to settle in a relationship, and all too often I would find myself with some guy that just didn't get me.  I would try to make myself fit into his life, and it was all too much work.  Square peg, round hole, if you will {The Holiday--great movie!}  And although Joe and I have our fair share of differences, I feel like it's enough to keep things exciting and new, but not too much where we lose ourselves in the relationship.  So maybe I was inadvertently asking the universe to send me a wild and crazy man, by posting and believing this quote years ago, but I am sure glad of the adventure we are living, in this one crazy beautiful life.

What does adventure mean to you?


  1. I really love this post. Crazy how much our adventures can change! All for the better.

  2. He sounds wonderful and I love your different perspective on this topic!x


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