Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fashion & Beauty

Mmmmmm it's THURSDAY!! This means that today is MY SPECIAL DAY! I am really truly over the top ridiculously excited for a little ME time.  Long. Over. Due. 

Anyway, I've started this post a gazillion times and never finished it.  I just love fashion and girlie things, so I wanted to share some of my faves.   I am still wearing a lot of basic tees and clothes aren't totally fitting quite yet, so I am all about the accessories.

I still obsess over this one's hair!  [ps. when does PLL start back up?! I'm dying to know about this Charlie character?]  

My hairdresser says those are def extensions, but I just can't wait til my hairs grow just a weeeee bit longer. Not that I have much time to do much with them, buuuut, it's so pretty!

And I really became fascinated with some pretty jewels.  I feel like my wardrobe is pretty basic as I'm still working on dropping the weight, but jewelry?  It lasts forever [the good stuff anyway] and it can dress up the most basic of things.

Enter my girl Amber  as a Stella and Dot Stylist.

I had a hard time deciding on which piece I wanted, but when I saw this Kaia pendant, I was in LOVE!

And the matching earrings…I die! They are a wee bit heavy, but I was fine wearing them one day.

Cheesy selfie--- I wore this on Easter Sunday.

I also found this beauty at Target--

The statement necklace…

And these two (BOGO 1/2) at Francesca's

This one is super light and so pretty!

I am a tad still a Bare Minerals obsessed.  I love this pinky blush I found in my purse that I hadn't used in a year--ha!  Maybelline lilac lip color for the win.

I even tried out some Jamberry nails.  To be honest, I don't love them…it's fun for a pop of color but doing my own nails in any fashion, does not really relax me.  It kind of stresses me out.  Plus, I can easily peel these off and that's just annoying. Fun to try though, but not something I'll do all the time.

For a good drugstore lotion--this smells so yummy! It takes awhile for it to soak into my skin, but totally worth it.  I hear the other products in the line are fab as well.

In other makeup news, I am finally going to try some Younique 3D mascara.  My eyelashes (along with my hair) have been falling out a ton because of postpartum.  I don't recall the eyelashes with Brooke, but I did lose a lot of hair.  It's a little alarming at the amount that is coming out, but I am sure it will even out soon.  

Any other new beauty supplies I should try?

Happy Thursday beautiful friends!


  1. Oooh!! I just love the Kaia pieces on you!!! You're making me want them so bad!! hahaha! :) Thank you for spreading the Stella & Dot love!

    I have to agree about Jamberry. I don't know how some people get theirs on so nicely! Also, mine have peeled and I've never had mind last 2-3 weeks!

    1. Of course girl!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks again for helping me choose! Good to know I am not the only one who doesn't get the Jam bandwagon...

  2. I LOVE PLL!!! I am also DYING to know who this Charlie guy is also!!! I think its starts back up beginning of June!! I LOOOVE that Stella nad Dot necklace and earrings! Totally adorbz!!!!!

    1. RIGHT!? I am hoping it starts up in June because my addiction is real. Thanks so much!!

  3. I Love the necklace .. Stella and dot got really pretty stuff ..

  4. Those necklaces are SO pretty!!


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