Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day {blessings, love, beauty}

Hello beautiful friends…I have gotten sick!! I really thought I had escaped it, but alas, it came for me.  Last Tuesday I started feeling ill: body aches, fever/chills…I rested, slept 9:30-5:30 and thought I was getting better!! Thursday I even enjoyed a Corona.

Thank goodness Brookie and Daddy are super connected and have such a wonderful relationship.  She has spent all of his time home, making him work haha!

Her first "bike"!

And then Friday, it hit me again, HARD.  I can feel the tightness in my chest and continue to cough, ears plugged, and am taking tylenol.  I think I have blown my nose so many times, it feels like I have broken it!! Crazy how sore it is. Between my terrible allergies and this icky sickies, it has been a rough few days--especially since the weather has been unbelievable and all we want to do is play outside!  I mustered up as much energy as I could to let her play a bit...

Either way, "This too shall pass" and I am trying so very hard to not be mean to myself…as I have not kept up with my blogging, the laundry, or even cooking good meals.  But it has allowed me to spend a lot of time just "being" with my children.  Cuddling on couches, resting, laying on the floor.  And maybe it was someone's way of telling me to S-L-O-W down and do this more often.  At least that is what the silver lining is telling me from all of this.  I feel better, but am no where near my normal perky, super productive, happy go lucky self.  And that is okay.  I will be there soon….

He was super clingy Saturday.  I didn't mind.

Sunday brought Mother's Day: My almost 4 month old in a 9 month outfit.

One of my favorite plants that comes up each year!

Our lilacs are in full bloom and smell heavenly.

Joe and Brooke picked me out some beautiful hanging baskets!

These are my favorites!

He also took her out back while I tidied up the dishes.  Yes, I did dishes on Mother's Day.  I actually did a lot of them and changed many diapers…mommies don't get days off.  And that's okay.  One day my Mother's Day won't have little bums to wipe and messes to clean.  I can't even think of that right now.

She was being a little crabby for him and captured it…little drama queen.

My sister and brother in law stopped by unexpectedly and it was so nice to see them!

While Brooke napped, I sipped a little vino, read some of this enlightening book and actually fell asleep in the sunshine.  It was glorious.

My Mother's Day Car {{yes that is chocolate from a little 2 year old's fingers}}

I thought it was so sweet Joe picked the fox out because of baby boy's "theme" and a fox has really come to us with him…love it.

It was such a gorgeous day, nice and warm with a little breeze.

And then it rained  little bit and she just loved dancing around in it.

Joe grilled chicken wings for dinner and grabbed this for dessert.

My Mother's Day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better day with my sweet family. 

My mother has taught me how to be an incredible stay at home mom.  I have so many happy memories of singing Winnie the Pooh, finger painting, playing outside in the sandbox and just roaming around in our backyard.  She was always there, watching us three girls.  When I recently read an article about 70s/80s moms and how hands off they were, a chord struck in me and I remembered how nice that was.  I never once felt alone, scared or like my mom wasn't doing something good enough for us--she allowed us to think and use our imaginations.  Granted, we didn't have things like internet or cell phones/ipads, but we had tv and sure I had my favorite cartoons and such, but nothing replaced the ability to create stories with my stuffed animals, playing house, or just running around and letting off some energy!  I needed that reminder, and that although times are different, I want my kids to have that same experience of being kid.  Sticky popsicle lips, dirty grass-stained feet, and being so tired they may even fall asleep before the summer sun sets.  It's so funny how life comes full circle when you have kids of your own, so thank you mom.  My mom was never a helicopter mom, and I love her for that!

My step-mom has taught me to love and accept others as part of your family and that blood doesn't always mean family.  She's allowed me to know that while my parents may be part, she will be there to take care of my dad and that he's happy and not alone.  In the last year alone, I have learned how hard (yet important) it will be to one day say goodbye to my son as he ventures off to find himself and become his own person.  She has always shown my babies so much love and they just love having fun with their Nana.  It is something I am very grateful for!  I know that she will make an impact in their lives for years to come.

My mother in law has taught me how important it is to be close with my future daughter-in-law (and son-in-law) some day.  She was there for me when I was completely losing my mind from lack of sleep with Mr. B and I cannot tell you how much her saving grace meant to me!  Food is definitely one of my love languages, in so many ways.  Any time someone offers my family a meal, I just find that so thoughtful and one of the best things…as a full time momma what I am going to feed my family is on my mind 24/7 and to not have to think about one meal = PURE BLISS.   I am so grateful for my mother in law's amazing Italian cooking and I know she will teach my children some of her incredible recipes.  I also know that her love of gardening will be passed to Brooke, as she already loves digging in her dirt piles with a plastic shovel.

And my children, my sweet, young, innocent babies who have made me a momma.  Thank you.  Thank you for pushing me, giving me a greater reason other than myself and making me want to be better each day.  I sometimes feel absolutely exhausted---deep down into my bones tired---and I know it is because I know how much you both need me.  I know that there is no one in the whole world like your mother.  I am the one you will need for the rest of your life.  So for now, the problems you have a fixable and easy [[thank you God]] A hungry tummy can be fed.  A little boo boo can take a bandaid.  A fussy cry can be simply burped away.  A worry of where "racket/red cat" aka BLANKET can easily be found.  And although these demands pile high, much like my laundry, they are nothing in the scheme of real problems some families face, and for that I am so very thankful.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I'm sorry you were so sick! :( But so glad you has an awesome Mother's Day! LOVE all the pics and all your flowers!

  2. You are such an amazing mama, glad you had such a great mother's day that you much deserved! Also, sidenote, you are such a great writer..this was so well written! Hope you're feeling better this morning!

  3. You are an amazing Mama. Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day!

  4. Hi there!
    I am popping over from the BEDM link list as I would love to visit everyone to give a bit of support and say hi as a fellow participant! Tis very nice to meet you and I love this post- what a tribute to your Mum and such a lovely post though sorry you haven't been feeling too well! You're obviously super busy but if you wanted to say Hi, that'd be just lovely!



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