Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chakra Balance Massage [O.M.G]

So, I'm not sure if it's the bags under my eyes or if I really just work that hard with my kiddos, but either way, my husband said to me last week, "You deserve a Spa Day.  You need to go and get all done up, whatever services you want.  Talk to my mom and figure it out."  Well, later that day he ended up talking to his mom for me and she promptly took a half day last Thursday and I got to treat myself to a Spa Day.   {Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Mama D!!!!}

I randomly found this one Spa, Luxe  It was one I had never been to, nor heard much of before.  I was drawn to it because I have begun a little more self-discovery and have been working on myself a lot.  I've been looking into meditation, yoga, Mala beads and tons of self-improvement.  I feel as though when you open yourself up to the universe, everything unfolds itself to you.  And so, there it was.  A Chakra Balancing Massage.  I had no clue what it would really entail, but I was ready to find out!

Since hubby said get whatever you want done, I figured I would throw a facial and pedi in there for good measure.  [bliss]

So first of all, the Spa was HUGE! I'm not going to lie, the location doesn't really do it justice, and from the outside it kinda looks like an old motel or something.  But inside? Top of the line.  The changing room/bathrooms were stunning.  Soft fluffy robes and little slippers to put on.

There were several little waiting areas, one with a gas fireplace and one that had this funky looking one!  There was tea, water with orange slices and fresh fruit.  Everything to make you feel zen and full of bliss.

I haven't really done my homework on all 7 of the Chakras. I know the main idea of them, but I still don't know what color associates with each one and what each chakra does.  You don't need to know any of it if you go and get this done, the person will explain as much as you want!!

First she told me that this particular massage I was getting, she does a deep tissue massage and trouble spots (for me it was my back and neck, so I laid face down).  She then does her energy work (chakra balancing) and pretty much the energy work is known as Reiki, (ray-key) which I hadn't really heard of before and now am becoming so interested and want to know more!

Aveda is the product line they use, so she had me pick out 3 cards that either the colors or words stuck out to me.  Each one represented a Chakra and had corresponding scents to help open/balance them.  I chose three, I forget which ones, and she had me close my eyes and smell each one.  The one I liked best was the "heart" or Harmony card.  ---Side note, you get to take a bottle of that mist home with you from your massage!  It had lots of sandalwood and she said it was a popular scent.

Hard to see, I didn't have the flash on but my "Heart Chakra" card…a lot about sympathy, empathy, and love.

Now, I find it strange that I was drawn to this one, because well…I have a really big heart and all day and night, I care for my loved ones.  But as I got to thinking, maybe that was the point.  Perhaps I had SO much love, it needed to be balanced a bit with my other Chakras…thoughts?  Like I said, I am totally new to this.

So the actual "massage" went like this-- I laid face down and she massaged my back/neck and it felt soooooo good! I've had massages before and she was great. Not too hard, not too light, but just right.  Then she started to just put her hands on my and stand there and I was a little confused, like what is this??  Then it hit me, that must be the energy work.

Once I flipped over to my back and face was out, HOLY MOLY.  Talk about a spiritual/out of body/really flipping cool experience.  She had told me before we started, some people see colors, some see images, and if I get overwhelmed at any point, we could stop.  I tried so hard to clear my mind and not think [but as we all know, that's really hard to do.] so  I just went with it.

As she touched different Chakra points, my mind filled with different colors. I kid you not, believe me or don't, but it is straight up awesome what can come into your head!  I saw lots of white light as she was at my head/Crown Chakra and I kind of felt a little buzzy? It's hard to really put into words.

I kept seeing a crazy big open eye with long lashes (representing my 3rd eye probably) and lots of purple and blue.

She said my throat chakra was pretty closed, and I don't really recall many thoughts as her hands were placed there.  At first I was like what???!!! I am known for talking too much, for saying what is on my mind and not exactly holding back.  But then again, I have also learned to be quiet and keep things in.  There are lots of people and instances in my life where I just don't agree or like what is going on, but I don't say anything. She kind of laughed and said I just need to find a way to get that out.

As I continued to reflect, I thought a lot about me.  As a teacher, I couldn't do, wear, say, act, certain ways because, well I was a teacher.  I respected that profession and took it very seriously; I didn't even like running into my students at a mall!!  And after I no longer taught, I remember feeling a bit free….

Well, to be blunt, I kind of felt that way again when I started taking my AdvoCare biz seriously. Don't say this, don't post that, don't, don't…don't…which I completely understand and totally get, but it's not me. .I am such an all or nothing kinda girl, I love the products, I love my team, I totally support everyone, but if I want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and share it on social media? I'm gonna.  Which is why I haven't been posting much about it.  I am just me. I take my products, I promote a healthy lifestyle but I human and once in awhile, ok weekly, I eat sushi with white rice and soy sauce.  And I'm more than ok with it.

And as I continued to think about other areas in my life, I realized how much I hold back because of our lifestyle and I don't want to come off as braggy or this or that.  I never even shared my beautiful Christmas gift from him, because I was almost embarrassed…why would I be embarrassed, if this man who works so hard and wants to spoil me with a gorgeous handbag??  Don't I deserve it?  Can I not be honest and share it? But I've realized, again, that those who really know us, know how hard we work to achieve where we are at.  That Joe and I work together, and if I want to show off his new whip on instagram or Facebook and someone thinks whatever, that's fine.  I'm learning to just be happy and okay with who I am.  I only get one life and one way to live it and if I'm constantly worrying about what someone thinks or that heaven forbid I post something and they unfollow me, WHO CARES?  Life is short and sweet and there is only so much time for happiness and celebrating others.  Sure there will always be negative people, but it is not my job to worry about them.

So yes, this was way more than just a simple massage for me.  It is part of a journey that I am so excited to be on.  I have so much to grow and learn and just really become super comfortable in my own skin.

My mind was racing with images however, when she was at my heart.  I kept seeing myself as a kid playing with my sisters and I kept seeing my two babies, playing and laughing. I literally felt so much energy during that and it is what stood out the most.    She told me afterwards she felt SO much mothers love coming from me, it was like whoa.

She didn't say much at all about my sacral chakra.

She said my root Chakra was weak and that it was OK to be more grounded…. I had told her how I was all of a sudden open to all of this new age stuff and she said that it was evident in my balancing because my crown was going crazy!! I am all over the place trying to learn all this new spiritual stuff, but I always have to remember it's ok to just be.  Stand on the ground, feel the earth, be one with nature.  LOVE THAT!!

She did reflexology on my feet after the energy work and then we were finished.

I asked her if there is anything I should work on and she said that she does not tell her clients what to do, she really just shares what she can and the rest is up to us.  I really want to know if she could see or feel more that she didn't tell me??

Oh she did sense some nervous energy at first, (probably when I was like WTF am I paying you for, if you're just standing there touching my leg haahha!) Like I said, I had no clue what I was getting into. NOW I know. I just have to laugh at myself at this point.

When she was all done she told me to take my time sitting up and she'd come back with water.  I am telling you, I could barely move!! I was like shaky and it took some time to actually sit up and come to. I took a photo of myself and I felt like I looked a little drunk!! Ha

After that amazing  experience, I then had my facial!  The lady was totally different and really outgoing and it took a few minutes for me to get used to her energy, I know I sound all woo woo but I am serious!  She ended up being really nice, but at first I was like what the ?!

I had a major glow after that and felt 10 years younger.

Here is my 'free bottle' of the Chakra scent.

Oh, and my pedi was great too!! Charged Up Cherry is what I went with---LOVE it! Perfect for Spring.

So of course I am totally digging this whole energy work thing and I don't take it lightly.  I know that if you're not careful, you could get yourself into some crazy things… but I am interested in maybe learning how to balance myself and learn how to do it on my kids and definitely my husband--especially because his Crohn's can flare up from time to time and I feel as though we are all connected and everything works together. 

Gimme all the crystals, mala beads and high vibrations please!! 


  1. praise hands to so much of this! ;P And this is why I'm so glad i'm apart of your team. I get ya sister. And all this sounds so interesting. Glad you enjoyed your amaze day and go ahead mama show off what your hubbs spoils you with! it's not like it's an everyday thing!!! Muah!

  2. I love this post! Good for you for taking care of yourself and I for one would want to see your gorgeous bag! I'm big believer in energies, stones and oils. I love learning more about all of it! I wear a hematite bracelet most days- I think it helps you to feel powerful and confident. I'm a long time reader of your blog and just started following you on IG too. That sounds kinda weird! : ) Please keep sharing! : )

    1. You are so sweet!! Thank you so much. I will definitely continue to share more of "me" as I am ready!! Thank you so much :D

  3. Ok this sounds amazing. And you SO deserved this. What a great hubby. I am so glad you got some YOU time and enjoyed it. You are just beautiful Jenn.

  4. Ain't that brilliant? You've really got this whole massage thing down pat. You see its contours, and you think of the various ways that it can be expanded and reshaped.. Thanks for all these tips. This will really be of help in the long run.

    Shanell Custer @ Sage Health and Wellness

  5. Time to research Chakra and all it entails! What an incredible review. As an overwhelmed mother of three, who struggles with finding a healthy life balance while taking care of everyone else, this article was a complete eye opener. This is definitely something I want to learn more about and put in to practice.

    Brooke Burgess @ East West College


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