Monday, May 4, 2015

Self Care/Guilty Pleasure

Being a mommy of two little ones I know first hand how hard and how necessary it is to still take care of myself.  I read an article not too long ago about being a mom and wife and it articulated my feelings so well---stating that we give and give, until we thing we have nothing left to give in our day/night and yet we are forced to give some more.  Newborns need so much care and attention and toddlers are exhausting even when you are getting a full night's sleep!  But just when I feel like "I just can't," I find that I am peeling myself off of my bed, half opened eyes, and kissing foreheads, wiping bottoms, and loving just a little more.  And because of the endless needs having to be met by mommy, what is it that I do for myself?  Well, I admit the "guilty pleasure" post kind if feeds into this as well, so I am combining the two!

√ Workout -- it really does release endorphins and helps me focus and feel better after a good sweat sesh.  Even if it's a 20 minute workout, it is better than nothing and I always, always, always feel better.

√ Get outside.  Now that the weather is nicer I try so hard to get outdoors.  Nature always helps!

√ Tea {or some sort of hot beverage} The simple act of sipping something hot soothes me.

√  An "escape" through TV or book.  With the ability to binge watch a show, I've gotten hooked on a few shows.  Pretty Little Liars, as I've mentioned before, is just so silly and I just love their outfits/hair/makeup ha!  I am just a lover of fashion, what can I say.  I also enjoy Real Housewives now that Bethenney is back.  I also like other You Tube mommies.  When do I watch?  While folding laundry, on the elliptical, before falling to sleep, or even when doing my endless dishes. It helps me not feel so isolated, I guess!

√ Good wine.  If I have a glass (or two) I really want to enjoy the taste. I see nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit, here or there.  Drinking every night? That would be a problem, but a solid glass of red with some pasta on a Sunday or a white pinot grigio in the summer?  Divine.

√  Girl time.  Ideally time spent out of the house and without the kids.  It is necessary from time to time to just be around my girls!! It doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like, but as the kids get bigger, I know I will make more time to do this.

√ Date night.  We have been so busy with everything, but we really make an effort to get out at least once a month. I admit that we both would like to get out more often, but I still have yet to take the plunge and find babysitters we trust.  That is my goal by the end of May, so that hubby and I can get out more often this summer.

√  Be kind to myself.  More than anything, I have to remind myself of the "oxygen mask theory" and that if the house is not 100% clean, but I need to take a timeout and do one of the above, I do.   I really have to stop myself and not compare myself to anyone else.  I know it is so hard to not do that, but I know that I am my own person and that I have to just always be true to myself.  I am not someone who has a super neat and tidy house 100% of the time.  I am creative and I like to do projects--and I love to cook, all day long.  So the reality is what it is and I just do my best to not get too hard on myself.

I really enjoy fashion and makeup, so sometimes I do allow myself to just sit and curl my hair or put on makeup.  It makes me feel like a pretty woman, and that is so important to me to feel good sometimes.

This #bedm concept reminds me of a post I wrote last June, you can read that HERE.

What do you do for self care or a guilty pleasure?!


  1. 100% YES. We deserve to indulge in ourselves!

  2. I definitely agree with tea, nature, time out, escape- all those are things I love!x


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