Friday, May 1, 2015

Introduction #BEDM


St. Martin

I am so excited that it is MAY!! April was full of germs and cold weather…so I am hoping for lots of sun and pretty Spring flowers!! Summer is my favorite season and I cannot wait to play in the sun with my two kiddos.

As you'll see (if you watch the video) I love life.  I have a lot to say and sometimes don't know how to hold back; I tend to say what is on my mind, unless I have time to think about it.  I turned to blogging a few years ago, when I quit teaching and was simply a housewife.  My husband and I laugh at how I thought I was "busy" then.  Sure, I was busy.  I was making lavish, gourmet meals and spending countless hours at salons. Hair. Nails. Pedicure. Wax.  You name it, I was keeping myself quite pampered.  Now?  I am lucky to get a 4 minute shower and the only salon I frequent is my hairdresser because I am a blonde at heart, but unfortunately not at the roots. ;)

I love being a mommy and would not trade this season of my life for the world!  I know that all too soon, they won't need me for every waking second and that these sticky hugs and stinky diapers won't last forever.  In the midst of mommy mode, I do my very best to be a good wifey! I adore my husband and I put him and the kids before my own needs most of the time.  I know when I need a timeout, and I try my very best to balance working out, eating right, and doing things that I LOVE--which brings me to blogging.  I love to write and I love to read; neither of which I do a ton of because of many reasons.  My husband works long hours at his day job, has several houses as part of a rental company, is fixing one house right now and just embarked in a start up company.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit that cannot be tamed, just simply harnessed.  He has big dreams, as do I, and we do our best at cheering each other on.

So who am I?

I am a confident and loyal person.  I love salty air, sand between my toes, and beach hair.  I have a flare for the dramatic and have learned to weed the drama (mostly) out of my life.  I much rather watch it or read it, not live it.  I have everything I could have ever dreamed of and each day keeps getting better.  I have learned to live a "progress not perfection" life.  I used to be way more uptight when I was younger but have learned to loosen my grip a bit.   I constantly have goals and dreams that I am trying to achieve.  I think that is why my husband and I get along so well; we are just full of never-ending ideas!

I am not someone who has 200 friends, but rather just a small handful of really close ones.  I am shy at first, but I am really trying to put myself out there.  My goal is to make more mommy friends so that my kids have other kids to play with…since I feel like we are alone a lot, I want that to change.

So, if you are new, hello!! And if you've been with me awhile, maybe you'll learn something new.  Ask  me anything, as I really want to to take my blog to the next level and really discover more about myself.

{{I was all ready for my workout, which did happen finally at 8pm last night!!}}


  1. Happy May!

    You inspire me. Hope the kidddos aare feelinng better

  2. If you were not home with the kiddos (so rewarding) what do you think you would be doing?

  3. HellloOOOOO!!! Lovely post!x


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