Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Shoot Fresh & Our Valentine's Date

Happy Wednesday lovies!
I hope that you were struck with cupid's arrow of some sorts yesterday.
I had a wonderful day, that yes, began with making Joey a nice breakfast,
followed by my debut as a Cover Girl a happy customer
of a local Brow Biz and I gave a testimonial of how 
awesome it is to get my eyebrows sculpted there.
I totally missed my Zumba, so I could be in a commercial.
"Because you're worth it."
I am fairly certain L'Oreal will be calling me any time now.
I don't love camera interviews, but I had fun!
I always get stumped, "Repeat what you said, but say this first."
"OK. Wait, what'd I say??"
The owner was also too sweet by giving me a quick pre-shoot fix up (free)
some Lindts chocolats {francais accent)
and a gift card to cover my next sculpting visit.
The commercial will be shot in black and white.
So then I came home and baked some cookies for my Valentine!
And got ready for some suprises for our uber romantic date night 
I went to buy rose petals, but could not bring myself
to spend $15 on them to be thrown away.
I did find $4 adorable heart lights I can use again next year!
I wrote a bunch of things I love about him on scraps of paper
and put them all over the table.
He brought me home my favorite wine, 
some champagne hence the headache this morning
a card that made me tear up,
some pretty pink roses and 
my favorite chocolate 
I really don't love all chocolates; I'm rather picky.
He grilled our steaks/lobster while I made the lemon risotto {for said lobster}
It was so fun and delicious!
I gave him a few gifts.
Some I will not be sharing!
And the craft I did {needs to be bound together or put into a book of some sort}
But I had a bunch of scrapbooking crap materials
and a lot of photos laying around...
I felt the creative juices a flowin, and I made a little somethin.
Here are some photos of my project.
 I was listening to "Then" by Brad Paisley Radio on Pandora
and all the sappy country love songs were playing...
I'm a big dork and he loves me for it!
Had to throw a little poetry in there, of course.
By 9pm all was said and done, he asked sweetly if he could play COD
I smiled and said yes, since RHOC was on TV.
It was by far, my favorite Valentine's Day yet.
How did you share the love?!
Good thing for Zumba tonight to burn some of the major CALS 
I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.
and today as leftovers.
And I totally ordered a completely different bikini 
than the other two I asked opinions on.
Free Beach Bag bishes!!
Totes cute.


  1. haha I love how creative you got with it!! I too woke up with a minor headache.. two glasses of wine are not what they used to be I tell ya! Glad you guys had such a cute and romantic day!

  2. Such cute ideas.
    Sounds like a perfect night to me :)

  3. You are the sweetest and I love your craftiness! You will be a great mommy, jus sayin. You also make a great wife, obvs. I want to see the commercial asap. You are beautiful and totally worth it;)

  4. what a great V Day! you are the sweetest wife!

    p.s. and when can we see this commerical? ;)

  5. Aww looks like you really had a wonderful day :)

  6. Sounds like you had such a great Valentine's Day! I love how crafty you got!

  7. LOVE all those pictures and this entire post! I saw lights like those and wanted them SO bad~!!!


    PS... Hope you enter my AWESOME giveaway!!

  8. I am just going to live vicariously through you! Sounds like such a perfect Valentine's Day!!! :) And now I am in the mood for champagne. Maybe later tonight! It's only 3:55PM here in Cincinnati.


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