Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Cloth Wipes

DIY Cloth Wipes
Even if you've never sewn before, this is something you can do!
In my current 7.5 months preggars state, I have literally lost my mind
over all the adorable baby fabric out there.
Jo-Ann's is my favorite new hangout.
I have a problem!!
I decided since I could sew a pillow,
I could probably sew a few more things...
and my mother-in-law is so encouraging;
she has really helped me so much during these last few months!
My goal is to cloth diaper with Brooke,
and with the research I've done, 
you may as well use cloth wipes if you're gonna cloth diaper.
Here is what we did to make our own cloth wipes.
Several 'fat quarters' of fabric.
I chose to make one side regular cotton, one side flannel.
They had precious fat-quarters already cut, so that's what I used in this project.
The amount needed really depends on how many wipes you want...
{You could & maybe should use flannel both sides,
 but I didn't think of that until after I bought fabric.
Use terry cloth.}
I chose 3 flannel fat quarters
and 3 cotton fat quarters.
Measuring tape
Rotary cutter
Sewing machine
Step One:
Figure out which fabrics you want to sew together
  Step Two:
Measure to see how much you're working with.
I eye-balled it and decided there was enough to divide it into 3 sections.
Step Three:
 Line up & using rotary cutter,
cut a straight line down against the plastic thingy.
{Don't take yourself too seriously}
What's it called?! 
 Step Four:
You should have 3 "even" sections.
Step Five:
Measure the length of these, and cut down the middle.
You should want a square.
Step Six:
Turn them "pretty sides facing each other"
{ugly sides out} & sew.
LEAVE a little opening so you can turn it right-side out!
By this point, if you're pregnant, you'll probably be sweating.
Feel free to strip.
 Step Seven:
Snip the corners before turning inside-out
Step Eight:
With the small opening you left,
flip your fabric through.
Step Nine:
Sew opening shut.
Have an experienced seamstress 
aka awesome MIL
sew a funky stitch all fancy pants style
Notice how she doesn't cut until after she stitched squares?!
And either way,
you'll end up with a finished product much like these...


  1. Love it!! If I were able to stay home I would have put up more of a fight about cloth diapering!

  2. Soooo wish I could sew. Good luck with the cloth diapering! I'm so anxious to how that goes for you!

  3. Great tutorial, Jenn! You did an excellent job on them. Now if I can ever learn to sew I'll keep this in mind for the future :)

  4. Awww sooo cool! :) My grandma tried to teach me how to sew a few summers ago, but I was a slow learner...maybe I'll try again in a few years!

  5. These turned out so cute!! :)


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