Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

Today is a chill day...
Hubs has to work since it's the last day of the month,
he gets the whole weekend off + Monday.
I had a fabulous pre-natal massage yesterday.
Lunch with my mother-in-law 
{and buffalo chicken didn't bother my heartburn; score!}
Ran my husband Chipotle for lunch
My 35 week checkup at the Dr's went fabulous.
I made a yummy chicken marsala for dinner last night
and we caught up on Revenge.
Do you watch that show??
Now I understand why Victoria is so evil.
I have a small girl crush on Ems when she is dressed all pretty and acting all bad ass.
I need that outfit she had on; the white and the fur.

So for today, I am just cleaning up a bit; 
Ya know, daily dishwasher load, unload, re-load, wash, unload...
Do you run your dishwasher every single day?
Sometimes twice a day?
Do I cook too much?
Or just use too many dishes? 
What is my deal?!?
They never end.
I'm already starting to get the thumb cracks
{From cold weather and washing dishes}
Pick up after the doggies.
I need to wrap presents since my family is coming over Sunday for my
step-mom's birthday
{and our dining room table is full of Christmas goodies that they cannot see!!}
Do you know how tricky it is to wrap gifts with a big ole' belly??
I think I'll be using a lot of gift bags.
Oh and....
If you're in the mood for shopping for some pretty necklaces,
but realize that you probably shouldn't spend money on yourself this time of year,
head over to Steph's blog and enter her fun giveaway!!
OK, that's about all.
Happy Friday lovies!!


  1. haha i loved this post for some reason, the never ending cycle of dish washing, wrapping presents this time of year. yay for a good 35 week check-up and have a great weekend!

  2. prenatal massage?! i didn't know that even about this! Thanks for entering my giveaway! :)

  3. yes i run my dishwasher multiple x a day.. maybe we use too many dishes too?

    I just like a clean kitchen!

  4. If you can figure out a way to make the dishes stop, I'd love to know! They really are never ending. Glad your check up went well and that you had a fabulous massage! Much deserved I'm sure :)

  5. My friend had a prenatal massage and said it was the most amazing thing ever. I will totally be getting one..not that I need an excuse to get a massage;) haha. Sounds like you've been busy lady! Nesting much? PS. my hubby LOVES LOVES LOVES chipotle. He needs a credit card for that place.. haha

  6. My husband made a comment the other day about how we run our dishwasher more than most people. My response: Most people don't get a home cooked meal every night. He stopped complaining. ;o)


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