Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Holy moly, one holiday down and a few more to go!!  We got our pumpkins a little TOO early this year, so the squirrels got into them…and they sort of rotted.  Note for next year--wait a little bit!

Brooke wasn't much into the carving, but she had fun cruising in her car, with a dog bed.

Joe wanted to make this kind of pumpkin, I said have at it.  Next year we'll do some traditional ones.

Our little piggy just LOVED Halloween!

It was a little cold and rainy, so her pink rain boots matched perfectly.

Poor thing had a bit of a cold and was runny/stuffy. I could tell she wasn't 100%.

She thinks Daddy is silly/spooky with his scary mask!  She was still too little to be really "scared" of much.  If he put the mask on and snuck up, she would get a little nervous, but she eventually got to the point where she'd grab the mask and ask him to put it on.

She was SO good going to each door and saying trick-or-treat!  She said thank you and really did a wonderful job.  I wasn't sure how it'd go, but I think it was a true success!

Her loot! Which, by the way, is the same pumpkin bucket her father used when he was a kid!!

You can tell it's a few years old haha.

I may have dumped it back into our bowl to hand out to trick-or-treaters haha. We didn't need all that candy…shhh don't tell anyone!

She did enjoy a few pieces and her and Daddy had a dance party to Thriller.

I am already trying to think of costumes for next year.  I will have two kids! How fun.

I loved seeing her learn so much about something new; I didn't do a lot of crafts or "teach" much other than watch a few videos, read some Halloween books and explain new words.

-Pumpkin (gunkin)
-Trick or Treat
-Oink oink

She was OBSESSED with these two you tube songs.  We may still rock them even though it's November. I need to find some Turkey songs!!

Aren't holidays so much more fun with little ones around?!


  1. Brooke Halloween is sooooooo cute. Hope she had a great time

  2. Avery is obsessed with the 5 little pumpkins song, she grabs my phone and asks for pumpkin all the time. Love Brooke's costume. Can you believe you'll have two littles next year?!?

  3. She is so cute, I LOVE that costume! The pumpkin is also super cute - let the guys have their fun, right? :)
    Halloween just kind of sets off this spiral of all these big holidays to come - I love it, but it can be so overwhelming!
    My mom used to do the SAME thing as you and dump our candy into the trick or treaters bowl - then the next day, she'd find a reason to punish us and "take away" our candy. Well played ;)
    Awesome post and pictures!

  4. We had squirrels eat into our pumpkins as well! She made a cute little piggy!

  5. Joes pumpkin LOL! We didn't carve pumpkins this year I am sure we will next though! I can not wait to see what you dress the two of them up as next year!


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