Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend [family fun]

Happy Monday friends!! While our weekend started off rather sad {Thursday we had to say goodbye to our puppers Sadie Lady; I'm not quite ready to recount that or write her a justifiable blog entry, but I will.} Friday Joe had off and we desperately needed to get out of the house.  The weather has been kinda yucky and Brooke really needed to get out and run.  We headed to the mall where she could run around and play in the kids play area.  She would not even nap on Thursday, that is how I knew she needed to expend some energy. She had a ball!! We grabbed a dinner to go from a restaurant and called it a night.

Saturday we had our last soccer tots and then Brooke and I ventured to my dad's to make some apple pies for the holidays!  She fell asleep for a bit on the way there.

My sister was all smiles while stirring all the apples.

And playing auntie.

Brooke even helped with her little apron.  She also just loves all the new toys at Nana and Papa's house.  The horse is one that I had growing up--I just love seeing her play with it!

Brianna trying to make a foil crust cover…Ha!

Saturday night I left Brooke at my dad's so that Joe and I could attend a work dinner.  He had put together a contest for the salesmen to compete, and the winners got taken out to a fancy meal!  I certainly enjoyed the crab legs and only missed drinking wine just a little…ok maybe more than a little, but it was still nice to get out with other adults for a bit!

Sunday we woke up and the house was eerily silent.  No dog licking the air, no Brookie making lots of toddler noise, I kind of just wanted to get out for a bit.  Joe and I went for a cruise in his car, grabbed breakfast and enjoyed the morning just us two!  We know it will be harder to have those moments in just 2 more months with a newborn here!  Later on we headed back to my dad's get Brooke, Joe could hunt, and we had a family dinner.

Bri photobombed!

Little rabbit and her carrot.

Before dinner watching Frozen.

I'm not gonna lie; it was nice to just be around family and relax after losing Sadie.  We had a country ham, bread, mashed potatoes (my dad makes the best) green beans and a slice of our homemade apple pie.  

It was a perfect ending to the weekend, and start to my husband's week off!

I know the holidays are here and we will have lots of family time with all sides of the family. I am looking forward to it all!  

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  1. Sorry for your loss momma! xoxo

    Is that the same pie you brought me down last year?!?! SO STINKING GOOD!


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