Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playdate and a Holiday Open House

Yesterday I hosted my first "homeschool" playdate at our house.  I will admit, I didn't really do a whole lot of "teaching" last week on our stay cation.  We were off our schedule/routines and kind of just went with the flow.  I decided to post on meet up.com for a weekly sesh,  I had two mamas interested, but one was unsure she could come because her due date for baby #4 was yesterday! Needless to say, she didn't make it, but I hope once our babies are here, we can meet up!

Our craft: washable finger paint.

We had our first real snow fall, that sort of stuck.  The girls were excited to get outside, but nervous once we got out there!

Our new friends.

How cute are they?? Brooke loved jumping in the puddles.

We didn't really have a structured "homeschool" day, as I didn't have access to the files etc. quite yet, so we just kind of had a play date.  I hope to start establishing somewhat of a routine with songs and lessons.    Regardless, they had fun and it was nice to chat with another mama.

Last night I went to my friend Cathy's for a holiday open house.  She does Tastefully Simple, had a Thirty-One consultant and a Jamberry nails lady…oh and me!  I dropped Brooke off at my in-laws on the way, so that was nice for them to enjoy a few hours with her.  She always has a ball with grandma and grandpa.  Thank you again Mama D!!

I had an absolute ball.  It's hard to explain, but AdvoCare is so different than other companies.  Since it's not a 'quick fix' program, nor is it something most people have heard of, it's not fair for me to compare myself to the other direct sales that were there last night.  So, as I was able to share my story, talk about products, put product in people's bodies and I really tried to get to know people.  I never feel like I am trying to "sell" something, but rather I look at it as a way of trying to educate people on health, wellness, and nutrition. I am very passionate about wanting others to be healthy and have energy, as I know how tired us mamas (or anyone for that matter) can be!  I feel for others when they are unhappy with their weight and are just not feeling great about themselves, because I was there.  That was me!  I also know this business is all about timing, so sometimes it takes awhile after the seeds of wellness are planted, before I can truly help others.  I just feel good about sharing what Advo can do for people.

I had not done a "vendor" event before, and this was the perfect way to ease my way into it.  I loved that it was at a friend's home, so it was very intimate and I could really take the time to talk to people.  It wasn't a mad rush of people, but I enjoyed conversations and really made sure to ask others lots of questions.  Not to mention, it was so nice to get outside of the home and not play "prego mommy" for 2 hours.  I think that is important to have my own thing that I enjoy doing; that teacher in me will always be present!  That said, I stood the whole two hours,  so I am a little tired today haha!  #pregoprobs

So I'm hydrating with some pomegranate water and have a lazy morning planned with Brooke.  We have a messy living room to clean play in and maybe some more turkey crafts to make.

It's really cold outside and not snowing here.  The south/west of us is getting slammed with the snow, but we lucked out and didn't get it.  I may have Christmas Spirit diffusing and am half tempted to start hauling out Christmas decorations…but I have a hubby who is anti-Santa before turkey haha.


  1. I'm with your hubs - seeing the trees everywhere makes me so Grinch-y.. I think because I love Thanksgiving so much, I get a little bitter when it gets pushed aside!
    What an adorable playdate :) The girls are so precious!

  2. Yay for play dates and finger paint! I love Thanksgiving, don't get me wrong but I LOVE Christmas also! Just because I'm already decorated doesn't mean I won't enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest, I love hosting it and listening to Christmas music!

  3. So proud of you for getting out there! You are an awesome role model!

    Fyi I may or may not have put my Christmas tree up BEFORE Halloween. 🙈😂


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