Sunday, November 16, 2014

Staycation Re-cap

What a week!! While I love going away and being on a "real vacation" being 32 weeks pregnant, having a toddler, and us wanting to save some money with the new baby on the way, and let's be honest, Joe wanted to hunt…we made the most of a stay cation.  I'm not so sure I'll want to do them when then kids get older, because I find true value in all of us getting out of the house, exploring new areas to travel and explore.  We are already planning our July family vacation, and I'm pretty sure it will involve the ADK mountains and Lake George again.  With baby boy being rather small, I don't think we will go all rustic, but I am excited to get out and see that place in action!

As for our stay cation, what did we do? I suppose this is more for my own memories, but feel free to read on if you'd like.

Monday was really low key and I just ran errands alone (woop!) and Joe grilled us some BBQ bone-in chicken breasts.

Tuesday we found Brooke a big girl bed! It was like 70 degrees and so nice out so it was perfect weather to get out and about with her.  This was a huge deal to find her bed set, as we really need to get the crib/changing table into the nursery sooner than later, and transition that girl!  I don't want to be dealing with a newborn and a toddler up all night.  We accidentally left her sound machine at my parents' house, so she's been sleeping without that for the week, and has been fine!

We also picked up our 40 pounds of Zaycon Chicken.  I haven't tried it yet, but it looks huge and awesome! For such a great deal, I will surely be back in March when they return.  If you are interested in $1.89 a pound for chicken, that is hormone and antibiotic free, use this referral code!

I had my girls' night Wednesday and it was so much fun.  I haven't seen Matty since before I was prego, so I believe that was April?? He shared some amazing news---him and his boyfriend are coming home in June!! I couldn't be more excited.  I can't wait for our monthly girls' nights to start up again.

Thursday I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage and even drifted off to sleep a few times!  Joe arranged for my stepmom to watch Brooke while he hunted that same day, so I also snuck in a pedicure and then went to my OB appointment without trying to wrangle Brooke and pee in a cup. Do you know how much talent that is, especially since she can open that bathroom door??? #justsayin

In baby news: he is measuring ahead at 34 weeks, while we just entered 32.  I told my doctor how I have been having Braxton Hicks, which I don't really think I had them this much with Brooke, and he was all like, 'eeeehhhh don't worry mon' [he's Jamaican] but for real, said it was no biggie, but then he started feeling around and goes, "OH WOW.  He's already in position, head is way down.  You have a few more weeks fella, what are you getting all cozy down there for?? No wonder you've been having BH contractions, his head is low.  As long as they don't get painful or start coming really frequently, you should be fine."   So, stay put baby!  We love you and can't wait to meet you, but are not ready yet! Keep on baking.

It also snowed a little bit off and on, so that is always fun when it does that for the first time of the season.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I am ready for the cold.  I'm so weird.

I did get a little emotional the last few days, with missing my Sadie girl.  I had been fine, but then when a week came up, I realized how much I do miss her so, and it just makes me really sad she won't be here around the holidays.

Friday we started the morning with a cozy fire and I met with a new cleaning lady.  We also decided to go to the mall, which is always an adventure with an almost 2 year old.  Joe did find himself a nice new winter jacket and I stocked up on my holiday soaps from Bath and Body.  She got to run around like a maniac and wanted to climb the gates that held in all the Christmas trees.  This whole Christmas season will be fun and reeeeeeally interesting!

We ordered takeout from a fancy restaurant for dinner, so that was quite delish!!!  I even set up the living room, so we could eat in there. I just stick Brooke in her high chair and we flip the ottoman top over and it's a table.  Silly, but we never eat in there/with the tv, so when we do it's kind of a big deal.

I was able to go to Wegmans (our grocery store) TWICE this week by myself.  That's a vacation right there!  Saturday I also got to run errands: library, post office, dry cleaners, without having to buckle/unbuckle, lift and somewhat struggle with the constant in/out of errand running.  It's really not fun for her, (or me) so I really do appreciate when I can get out and do that.  

We lit our fireplace and just relaxed a bit here and there too.  I am horrible at just putting my feet up and constantly feel the need to do stuff; I believe the nesting instinct is really kicking in like crazy, and I have all these projects I start and need to finish.

Today is Sunday, he's hunting (still hasn't gotten anything yet) and Brooke and I just finished up some Buckwheat pancakes.   I'm thinking lasagna for dinner.  I feel like all I do is cook, eat, clean, figure out what to cook next, cook, eat, clean…repeat. Which is why I need to stop procrastinating and go clean my kitchen!

More than anything, it was nice to have Joe around more.  He was still 'working' on other projects he has started #entrepreneur but I can tell Brooke really enjoyed just having him home more often than not.  We still have a lot do before baby's arrival, but I can't stress…he will come regardless of what is in place or not.

I'm looking forward to:
-hosting my first homeschool meet up tomorrow (I know one other momma is brining her girl)
-sharing AdvoCare at a holiday stop and shop tomorrow night
-picking out Brooke's new bedding
-reading my books from the library


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    1. Haha I guess we did. Like I said, I'm having a hard time just sitting still! Lots to do. I'll relax today though :)

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