Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Survival Kit & Man Crates

With the holidays right around the corner, I am starting to really focus on what needs to get done!! Being super pregnant, my "survival" kit looks a tad different this year.

Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kit by jennifer-delle-fave featuring h&m leggings

1. Mac Book Pro- I love my laptop.  I love it even more, when I can purchase gifts online and not have to waddle around the mall wrangling my two year old.  I don't have a ton of people to buy for, but it makes life so much easier this way!  

2.  Cozy knit scarf. I have been running cold this pregnancy, so an extra layer to conveniently add or subtract is super helpful! If I do leave the house, my coats and vests don't zip, so a scarf helps keep me warm.  I love having one handy to wrap myself in, even if I'm siting in the living room too!  My mother in law made me a huge knitted blanket scarf, legit I can wrap myself, Brooke, Joe, probably Brad and myself in it! I love it! I will have to share that soon.

3.  SMILE.  I am making this my number one goal this season; I don't want to stress out and ruin the holidays for anyone.  I'm just going to sit back and watch my daughter's eyes and see the joy in her face in every new sparkly adventure!

4.  Winter leggings-because let's be real.  Pants are lame. That is all.

5.  Christmas mug- I need to find a cute one!! Whether it's holding my Spark, Coffeecino, or hot chocolate, I need something that is festive and fun.

6.  Lip gloss.  My lips get super dry and I just need a good gloss! Of course, I feel a lot more put together if I finish my look as well, so that's kind of necessary too. 

As for male shopping ideas?  If you have some tricky men in your lives, you know, the ones who have it all, perhaps check out this unique company Man Crates!  They have something for everyone.  I think the best part is that to open the actual crate, your man must do so with a crobar.  Wouldn't that be fun to get on video?  

What is in your holiday survival kit this year?  

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