Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Photo Dump

Happy Sunday!! I am enjoying this beautiful gray day! Ha.  It was a busy but fun filled week and I am thankful to have a little reprieve this weekend.  I was super excited to get my hair done Friday; I clearly couldn't contain myself from taking a post-blonde selfie to send to the hubs!  He was hunting at my dad's and got us a doe!  It feels really good to have a freezer full of organic meat to cook up for my family.

Thursday little miss rocked her pjs until after lunch.  She enjoyed some left over shrimp scampi, but it'ss safe to say she thought the Justin's almond butter was even better. #dontblameyasister

Saturday these LOVELIES were dropped at my front door. Holy. Smokes.  They are as good, if not better than I would have thought!! Don't get me wrong, I liked the pumpkin shakes, but these?! #hadmeatpeppermint

Apparently everyone else wanted them too, since they're TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.  I only ordered 5 boxes #mybad and will be ordering more if and when I see that they are back!! Because you can't have cookies every day and be healthy, these will more than do the trick of satisfying my holiday sweet tooth! Hollah!

Speaking of cookies, Tuesday I decided to treat my hubby to some. I wanted to do something with Brooke and so we busted out the Kitchen Aid and legit made our first batch of homemade cookies together.  I am a firm believer in everything in moderation; of course I would love to bake and eat these bad boys on a daily basis, but I reserve them for special occasions or once in awhile.

It was time to show Brookie how it's done!

Baking is serious biznass.

Ok ma, this does not look like a cookie!

I don't know if it was because some of the flour mixture dumped on the floor (ahem, Brooke) or if I just let go, and let happen---I'm so type A I get upset over dumb stuff like that usually, but the point of baking these was to bond with my daughter, and enjoy time just the two of us…because I know that time is short and I want to savor it!

Either way, these were the BEST cookies I have ever made.  Even Joe couldn't believe how amazing they were.   I told him it was all Brooke's doing.


And later on, as I scratched my itchy belly, she gave baby brother a kiss.

Even though her temper has flared more often this week, and she refused to get in the pool swimming with Daddy, we know that she's still learning and just a little girl.  As my husband says, she's kind of like sour patch kid sometimes…one moment she's all up in a tizzy over something and then she's as sweet as pie.  I am sure it's mostly the pregnancy hormones, but I am certainly taking advantage of all the sweet moments and soaking them up as much as possible.  In 7 short weeks, baby brother will be here and her little world is going to change. I know she will be an amazing big sister, and it's not an easy role, lord knows I have first hand experience in that, but I know these two will be lifelong friends.  Joe and I will continue to work hard at our marriage, as parents, and continuously instill the importance of family and love.  The best we can do, is simply lead by example and show them how it's done.


  1. I loved this! I especially loved the last few sentences! So very true!

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  3. Awe love this!! Those cookies look amazing, love you hair and her kissing your belly! GAH! Love the last couple sentences of this post too. SO important!!

  4. Ok gorgeous mama! And ah you just reminded me my shakes came the other day!! Can't wait to have one tomorrow!


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