Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bradley Joseph {2 Months Old}

My dear sweet baby boy.   I am in awe that two months ago, you entered this world.  How is it possible that you're already doing so much at just two months?!


You're a little over 14 pounds, not sure of your length.

You are in some 3 month onesies, but mostly 6 month outfits, 3/6 month clothes and all 6 month pjs.  You're a big boy!!  I believe we are starting to settle into a beautiful routine and I can truly say, you fit right into our life.  You are eating every 3 hours; sometimes 2 and then you'll go 4 or 5.  You still like to wake up in the middle of the night twice; usually a 1 or 2 then a 4 or 5.  If I can get you to eat around 11/12, then you'll sleep until 3:30, then get up around 7. I am trying to get you til 6 or 7, because then I could just wake up for the day, but we will get there.  You've had a rough few weeks not feeling your best and so I am just happy to see you eating comfortably and sleeping so well.

Being hungry
wet/dirty diaper
carseat until moving
being alone
You let us know right away when you're not happy!

Your bottle
Tummy time for about 10 mins
Looking at yourself in a mirror
Mommy, Daddy and big sister talking/singing to you--your smile is captivating!
Birdies on your swing and bouncer
Bath time
Stroller rides
Being in the baby carrier/wrap
Falling asleep on our bed

Your little head is always lifted when you're on our shoulders to burp.  You like to headbutt us, or try to, so we have to really be careful of that! Your little legs are rather strong and I can't believe I'll be bringing up the excersaucer sooner than later, and then the doorway swing. AHhhh make time slow down, I know how fast it all goes!!

Since we've figured out that you love formula, you are the boy that I just thought you would be.  Easy going, go with the flow, fall asleep wherever and then sleep through things [dog barking, sister screaming, doorbells, blender].  I look forward to taking you to lots of fun places as we start getting out and about more now that the weather is breaking.

You love little friends/animals.  
Your favorite place seems to be under your toys on your play mat or in the crib watching your mobile friends.

I should probably find the bumbo soon and see if you fit/like it.  You can sit up with some help!

Daddy's blanket. Look at your hair!

Grandma Maria made your little car booties!

You blow little bubbles as you coo.

Holly wanted in on the photo sesh too!

This is how you spend a lot of your time, since I'm in the kitchen quite often! You love to just sit and kick, coo, and look around, and usually fall asleep.

I am SO happy that month two has started off so well and that you're really thriving.  I am excited to see you grow, but sad you're already getting so big! I love you so much little man; Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents.


  1. Gosh he looks so much like the both of you! Some pictures I'm like Oh he looks like you them the next i see cute and going by so fast!

  2. Bradley is sooo cute!!! Isn't it just the best when your babe starts to smile at you. I just swoon when I get even the littlest smirk from my guy.

  3. 2 months!!??? STOP it. That's crazy. I love his little faces! I see you in him so much!!


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