Monday, March 16, 2015

Easter Ready

I am super excited for Spring to get here!!  Even though I am staring at a rather large snow mountain in my backyard, I am confident that by Easter, warm weather and green grass will magically appear!  Now that things are running much smoother in our house, I have had time to do some fun stuff like find coordinating Easter outfits for our babes!  I am still in awe that we have a little boy and a little girl.  This is just too much fun!!

I decided upon these two cuties from Carters 

And of course, little mister needs his first bow tie for the event!! {thanks to Jane and their daily e-mails!}

Since Valentine's Day we just hung around the house, I didn't really dress the kids up, so Easter marks our first "major" holiday as a family of four!  We have been reading Easter books, playing with plastic eggs and doing some small Easter crafts to get Brooke familiar with it.  This worked so well with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I think she's starting to really catch onto everything.

How cute [and easy] do these pancakes look??  I cannot wait to dye eggs with Brookie this year because she will just LOVE it.  Her favorite book is Where are Baby's Easter Eggs--she is obsessed with the flap books.  And, how do we not have any jelly beans up in here?! Oy. I need to get on that stat.


I am hoping that my husband and I can go shopping, just the two of us, and pick up their Easter basket goodies.   I'm thinking some new Spring goodies, like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and maybe gardening tools for Brooke.  For baby boy, I would like to get him some shoes, either mocs or Robeez, since he likes to kick his socks off.  Maybe a teething toy (not that he'll need it soon, but a few more months!) and a bib or two.   Joe will pick out candy, I am sure, but either way, it will be fun to play Easter Bunny and hide her basket this year!  Two is such a fun age.  

Most importantly, we will spend the day with family!! My stepbrother is coming home and we will get to see him and his girlfriend and he will get to meet Bradley finally!  My family hasn't all gotten together like this since Christmas, so we are super excited.  I am hoping we can stop by my in-laws for a coffee before hand too, but we haven't made plans yet ;)

What are your Easter plans?  I cannot believe it is only 3 weeks away!


  1. Those outfits!!! Stop the cuteness! LOVE. I know, 3 weeks, so crazy!

  2. We are also a huge fan of Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs! Those outfits are too cute...makes me wish for a little girl. I've got to find something for Jack to wear, and with only 3 weeks, I better get to it.

  3. We got that Easter dress in yellow and white for #babybigtruck

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