Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cleanse {Starting Stats}

Some motivation:

I'm letting it all hang out here. Ok not really, but I'm going to be pretty open and honest with my stats.  Why? I hope to inspire someone and I know that I will never be this weight again! [unless by some crazy chance we conceive a third child, but I reallllllly don't see that happening!]  SO as unhappy that my jeans still don't fit, I am not having a pity party--I am taking my health back and getting back on track.  This is what I look like when I don't eat "clean" 80% of the time, don't take products, and don't workout.

9 weeks postpartum, boy my belly just loves hanging onto that baby fat.  And my booty needs some lifting--thank goodness for all the squats!  Crazy thing, is I know I've weighed 155 before I've had kids--but my body did not look like this.  Obviously.  Either way, this is not a happy weight, even though I've already lost 40 pounds of baby weight, I know my body feels best (and fits into clothes nicely) in the 140s.  Before I got pregnant I was 137.  It didn't happen in one challenge--it took several and lots of months of working out, eating well and staying on products.

bust 39
waist 40.5
hips 41
left thigh 23
right thigh 23
right calf 14.5
left calf 14.5
left bicep 12
right bicep 12
neck 12.5 {yes, my neck. I swear I will lose weight there! ha}

Wake up 7:30: Spark, Catty
8:00 Fiber drink and a glass of water

Meal 1:
2eggs w/ spinach and salt free seasoning & fruit

Meal #2: Apple with PB (no pic)
Meal #3: Lettuce wrap w/ shredded pork (no sauce) avocado & brown rice (no pic)
Meal #4: Protein Shake after workout
Meal #5:  Superfood Turkey Meatballs I ate 3 [tricky on mondays/wednesdays because Joe works until 8 and I get hungry around 5/6, so I need to eat something!]

1 lb ground turkey
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 tbs flaxseed
1 tbs low sodium soy sauce (or aminos)
1/4 cup chopped fresh spinach
Seasonings--you could use anything really, onion/garlic powder or Mrs. Dash
I personally used Onion Onion and Garlic Garlic from Tastefully Simple {about 2 tbs each, or capful}

Bake for 30 minutes at 350

Brooke loves them!

With my leftover quinoa I had made, I had an opened jar of black bean salsa--threw in some tomatoes and a little mango balsamic vinegar --easy salad to serve.

Meal 6: Whole wheat pasta with red sauce & veggies.  It was late and I didn't have much planned.

It definitely takes me work and prep because Joe can't eat anything I am sharing with you.  He eats a very low fiber diet and nothing whole grain/wheat and very little veggies.  So, again, I am not super hard on myself as long as I am eating the best I can and nothing "white and starchy" I consider that success.  Brooke eats whatever, so I definitely try and get her to eat as much as my food as I can.  She does great!

Everyone coaches differently; some people eat no carbs, some only eat them early on.  If I am trying to get ready for vacation (bikini time) I will eat a little more strictly.  But for now, I am focusing on not snacking for no reason and eliminating all processed junk/candy/cookies/chips/wine.

That takes us to today:

Meal #1-
 2 eggs over easy on wheat sandwich thins.
Cup of water.
Hot water with lemon (it's still in the teens and snow on the ground, mama is chilly!)

2 omegaplex --flush that fat!

After the citrus fiber drink, I am really not starving.  That definitely fills you up more than the peach…and it certainly scrubs your system a lot better too!

Is it perfect? Nope!  But it's what I had to work with, after feeding my family an hour earlier (I had to get my Spark/catty/fiber drink in before I ate) and by then there was no more fruit…I need to grocery shopping again today!  My main goal is to be sure I have protein at each meal and typically a veggie and/or fruit.  Ya win some, ya lose some.

This brings me back to my very first 24 Day challenge.  It taught me so much! I was so upset with myself if I wasn't "perfect" every day…but then I quickly realized, life is TOO crazy to be perfect. In every sense of the word.  What I learned the most was that I don't have to count calories and if I eat as clean as I can, and take my products as directed I will lose the weight and feel amazing.  That simple.

I love the feeling of the cleanse, and I am looking forward to the MNS max phase even more!!

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