Sunday, March 29, 2015

Workout & Cleanse Update

I saw this image back when I was a big ol' whale of a pregnant woman.  I loved it and couldn't wait to birth a healthy babe and be able to start really working out again.  So far, so good!

My cleanse is going well [day 7 today!] I haven't stepped on a scale or measured, but I feel a lot tighter and have more energy.  I swear my spare tire is deflated by the minute. My jeans don't fit yet, but I will get there. I am definitely treating this as a marathon and not a sprint.  My overall goal is to just be healthy and fit again like I was prior to pregnancy, and it took me a few months to really get into a nice smooth groove.  Nothing like that happens over night, so I try to stay positive and not get discouraged.  I also haven't been 100% perfect with my clean eating, but the main things for me have been no wine (alcohol) no processed foods, and no sweets -- I have also tightened the reigns on my snacking, and have kept it to 6 small meals a day.

Avo & eggs why you so good?!  Love this combo in the am. I have a small frying pan [so what it may be missing its handle; it's the perfect size!] and I crack one egg and pour some egg whites in there.

(Still sticking to the T 25 calendar)

Tuesday- Total Body Circuit
Weds- Speed 1.0
Thursday- Cardio--but I did Zumba w/ Brooke

Friday- I took a rest day, as my body was spent.  My ankle started hurting a bit..
Saturday- Lower Focus

I won't lie, it was a struggle to put this one down and actual do the workout. But I did!

I was lazy and didn't feel like putting on workout pants, and I won't do that again.  These had no stretch.  But I did get my workout in.   And the muffin top is still present, but I'm working on it!

Sunday- Stretch day

 I have done some super light stretching, but my ankle is KILLING me.  It hurts the most when I am walking down the stairs, so I have been instructed to do the RICE method from my friend Ann who coached a lot.  The ice helps and I just bought a compression band that seems to be helping.  I am going to try and wear my sneakers inside (instead of barefoot) and rest as much as possible which is nearly impossible with a 2 year old and a 2 month old.  So I'm hoping to wake up with no pain tomorrow--please! 

So I figured I'd catch up on a blog while watching my current obsession PLL.  It's a bad bad addiction and I am not proud of it, but I just can't get enough! It's bad because it's on Netflix so I can watch it on the phone, on the iPad, on the computer…#ooc  I swear, if the weather would just warm up I could kick this show watching problem haha!


  1. You got this momma! Keep up the good work! I LOVE that video of Brooke doing Zumba with you!

  2. You look GREAT! Awesome job!! Both if the kiddos are adorable!

  3. You can do it! And you're absolutely right, not expecting immediate results and learning that lasting results take time, is a huge part of the big changes! I'm a perfectionist and it took me a while to see that myself. Your thoughts sometimes impact your fitness goals just as much as the actual activity! =)

  4. Good job mama!! Take some time off if the ankle hurts...don't push it!! I really should cleanse.


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