Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday

I got my favorite subscription box last week:

I thought this was one of the best boxes yet (I may say that every time?!)  Again, they're about $50 for a box and over $200 worth of goodies to try and they're usually full sized items, not cheesy little samples!

Temp. Tattoos--I saw these floating around the web and thought they look kinda fun, for summer time. I have no desire for a real tattoo, but I thought these shiny things would be cool and now I get to try them!

Coasters--they are totally my style and really adorable [Paris, London, yes!]  We actually needed more, so that's a win!

Pilates DVDs--I haven't tried them yet, but I am excited to!  3 levels and we all know how I love my at home workouts.

Fancy scarf--I would NEVER pay $42 for a scarf normally, so to get this was a treat! I also go to choose mine since I paid up front the VIP for the year; I went with Watercolor.  It's light weight and will add a pop of fun to any outfit!

Nail treatment and polish- Super pretty, haven't tried it yet, but I will!

Age defying serum--Mama will take any help in the 'stay looking young forever' department!

Makeup brushes--can't have enough of those! They seem to be high quality too.

Snack popcorn--I'll try it after my cleanse.

$40 to Hello Fresh, another food delivery service. I was doing Blue Apron but wanted to get back to my own cooking. I may use this to try this summer

Basil seed--I am a huge cook, so I am probably overly excited about a basil plant.  I run through it like crazy in the summer with all of our meals!  I'll have hubby help with start it since I have a brown thumb.

 Mr Bubs is doing really well--no paparazzi please!

It's rare you will see him without socks on his hands.  Even though I clip his nails, he is always scratching his face if I don't keep those things covered! Of course, then he sucks on them and they quickly become stinky. Oh baby boy, I love you so.

Brookie's Easter shoes---size 9.  She has her mama's feet.

I don't know why, but this is what she does now. Instead of running around for nudey dudey time, she will run around with her minnie towel and say, "It's cold" and ball up on the floor. Kills me.

Sunday she wanted to lay on me and cuddle. Say what?! I don't think she's laid like that since she was Bradley's age, which very well may be why she wanted to lay with me. #jealous  I'll take it!

Rumor has it that the weather may be in the 60's Thursday, but rainy…but if I could crack a window, I will be so happy! I know I sound like a broken record, but bring on the warmth!!  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. FFF link please and thank you!

  2. ohh nice box! I couldn't justify the cost every month if I didn't get enough referrals so i canceled awhile ago.. and ohhh 60's! ;) p.s kenz has mom's feet too..she's already size 7/8 :o


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