Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eliminating Foods While Nursing {day 3}

Mommy talk post…

Well I don't know if it's because I eliminated dairy, soy, citrus, highly acidic foods, or limited my caffeine intake, or if it's just a coincidence but baby boy had a MUCH better day and night last night!

7:30 wake up/feed
8:30-10 I wore him in the Boba carrier and he slept!
11:30 feed
1:30 woke up from 20 min swing nap crying
2:30 feed
3:00 nap
5:10 feed
8:00 feed
10:00 feed followed bed time

2:30 feed
5:30 feed
7:30 wakeup
8:30 feed…now currently in his carrier sleeping on me

Things I'm noticing:  His feeds are stretching out for a longer duration.  Before it was as if he would suck as fast as he could, just to be finished.  Now, he is actually enjoying the the feed and I am too!  He is falling asleep a lot easier at the breast, which I remember Brooke doing a lot.

About 2 hours after a feed yesterday, he seemed to wake up crying--but other than that, his incessant crying and turning bright red and arching, screaming, and seeming really distraught did NOT happen.

When he pooped, he made some typical funny faces and some noise, but nothing appeared painful!

He is actually SLEEPING during the day! Now, I know kids are all different, but I know (first hand) how important sleep is and poor bubs wasn't sleeping much at all and I think that added to the issues.

What I have been eating:

This has been tricky as I have been a little sleep deprived, and have not a ton of easy "go to foods" in the cupboard. It has made me realize how much dairy I was consuming….a yogurt, a cheese stick, adding slices of cheese, grabbing a protein shake or bar…it was all super easy for a new mommy with a toddler and newborn!   I may have grimaced at the thought of NO PIZZA?!  But let me tell you, yesterday I saw more smiles, heard more coos and held a happy, comfy baby…and there is NO food that can make me want to replace that.

So my limited findings in my cupboards the last few days:
-cashew butter
-few green beans
-brown rice/quinoa
-chicken (I did a whole chix in a crockpot with bbq seasonings, evoo and a little brown sugar-yum!)
-ezekial bread
-few pieces of italian salami
-almond milk
-organic granola clusters
-salad w/ a little homemade dressing

So, like I've said I'm currently cutting the acidic foods/gassy foods (garlic/onion) for now. I really think it's the dairy/soy but I want to just cut things for a bit then re-introduce one at a time.  I am really trying to avoid anything processed too, so that may have something to do with..but I have not cut gluten, as I am eating bread here or there.

While I still feel behind on things and want to be in a better routine, especially with Brooke, I finally feel in control of something!  I got a solid four hours of sleep last night, and a few more after that! I feel so much better and know that little man does too.  I am not a Dr, and I'm not saying what I am doing is "the answer" but I feel that foods I am eating are definitely impacting baby boy…and I will do whatever I can to make him comfy!

Any quick and easy meal ideas?? I am finding that I am super hungry and I need to have quick options to grab…I am making my grocery list now so I can go to the store tonight!  Thanks!


  1. Quick snacks:
    Smoothies with oj or almond milk
    Trail mix
    Hummus with veggies or chips
    Guac minus the onion

  2. Smoothies were my saving grace--and healthy too! Add spinach, kale, and a bunch of random fruit, and you're good to go! You could also add some nuts in there, or something else for protein. Good luck!

    1. Yes! I love smoothies…I need to get some frozen fruit that's not too acidic, thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, i am going to try a vegan/plant based other than soy!! Thanks so much


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